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(1) (Enterprise Storage Management) Managing the online, nearline and offline storage within a large organization. It includes analysis of storage requirements as well as making routine copies of files and databases for backup, archiving, disaster recovery, hierarchical storage management (HSM) and testing purposes. See SAN and HSM.

(2) (Enterprise Systems Management) Systems management within a large enterprise. See systems management.

passive countermeasures

The detection and analysis of the enemy's electromagnetic emissions. Also called ESM (electronic support measures).
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Now more fleet owners and operators will be able to benefit from the reliable performance of the ESM in providing starting assurance for on-time deliveries and improved uptime.
Launched in October as a permanent agency, the ESM supports 17 eurozone countries with rescue funds.
agreed to this comprehensive installation of ESM units as a result of the energy savings achieved during an initial testing of the ESM 4000 in the three separate cooler rooms at the Tapia facility in Maywood, California.
Using Symantec Enterprise Security Manager and ESM for HIPAA, these organizations can swiftly and cost effectively assess their environment for HIPAA security standard compliance.
In Tew, the court relied on the fact the Arky, Freed attorney attended the ill-fated meeting to represent an individual, not ESM.
An ESM is a software system designed to mimic the way human experts make managerial decisions.
As a result of an extremely rigorous competition for a modernized ESM system for the B-2, Northrop Grumman is pleased with the selection of BAE Systems as our primary partner to deliver a rapid, affordable defensive capability to the warfighter," said Dave Mazur, Aerospace Systems vice president, Long Range Strike.
com and Tequila Patron ESM announce its partnership in the worldwide distribution of the race documentary, "Vitesse Extreme -- Le Mans," presented by Motorsport.
THE European Stability Mechanism (ESM) approved on Thursday the disbursement of e1/4100m to Cyprus, following the positive assessment of the sixth quarterly review of the macroeconomic adjustment programme and approval of the supplemental memorandum by the ESM board.
The ESM aid is in the form of 15-year loans, with the exception of e1/41.
ESM and the Shandong leaders reaffirmed the longstanding ties and extensive cooperation between Singapore and Shandong.
Moody's said its ESM decision was a consequence of its earlier French downgrade, namely that it "reflects the rating agency's view that there has been a marginal diminution in the certainty that the sovereign will fulfill its financial obligations" including its commitment to support the ESM.