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(1) (Enterprise Storage Management) Managing the online, nearline and offline storage within a large organization. It includes analysis of storage requirements as well as making routine copies of files and databases for backup, archiving, disaster recovery, hierarchical storage management (HSM) and testing purposes. See SAN and HSM.

(2) (Enterprise Systems Management) Systems management within a large enterprise. See systems management.
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passive countermeasures

The detection and analysis of the enemy's electromagnetic emissions. Also called ESM (electronic support measures).
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Tunku Ismail, commonly called TMJ (the Malay initials for Tunku Mahkota Johor), also received a personalised ESM jersey emblazoned with his initials, which Hisham presented to him.
Critique: Expertly organized and presented, "Practical ESM Analysis" is an comprehensive and unreservedly recommended textbook and should be considered a core addition to college and university library Electronic Warfare collection and supplemental studies curriculum lists.
Our rating approach for the ESM is based on a hypothetical medium-term scenario in which the ESM uses its entire lending capacity of EUR500 billion (its loan portfolio was EUR76.9 billion at end-May).
ESM Football Academy stands out in the market with over 600 boys and girls (3-16 years) playing each week, in age & skill specific programs across six development centers: -
The post Greece exits final bailout successfully -- ESM appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The ESM stressed that it will continue to work closely with Cypriot authorities to ensure timely loan repayments, through the ESM's Early Warning System, designed to detect repayment risks and allow for corrective actions, while the authorities will have to submit adjustment reports twice a year.
financial obligations," said ESM managing director Klaus Regling.
There are three main components to the ESM solution which follow a logical flow of business needs and bring cross-functional benefit to the savvy organization.
According to a statement issued on Monday by ESM, Latvia may request financial assistance if they experience problems with market financing, if such assistance is necessary to safeguard the financial stability of the eurozone as a whole and of its Member States, Xinhua reported.
In the context of the ongoing inquiry into the Troika's work and its future, MEPs want the Troika to be brought under Community law and they also aim to turn the ESM - still an intergovernmental instrument - into a solid EU mechanism.
Version 5.10 adds support for the new exacqVision ESM (Enterprise System Manager) product sold separately from Exacq Technologies.
ESM Technologies, Carthage, MO, along with joint venture partner Stratum Nutrition, St.