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(1) (Electronic Switching System) A large-scale computer used to route telephone calls in a telephone company office. The 5ESS is a Class 5 central office switch, and the 4ESS is a Class 4 tandem office switch. The ESS designation originated with AT&T when it manufactured the machines and was the only telephone company in the U.S. See SS7, Class 4 switch, Class 5 switch and digital cross-connect.

(2) (Enterprise Storage Server) A family of SAN devices for mainframes and Unix servers from IBM. ESS units are built with a high degree of fault tolerance and connect via Fibre Channel, SCSI, ESCON and FICON interfaces. See SAN.

(3) (Executive Support System) See EIS.

(4) (Electronic SpreadSheet) See spreadsheet.

(5) (Extended Service Set) Two or more Wi-Fi access points in the same subnet. See BSS and 802.11.
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The twenty-two (22) used ESS units to be removed may contain a core value and Offerors are hereby requested to consider this value when submitting the Offer Price.
This report provides insight into related companies and developers, market analysis and forecast, as well as technological backgrounds for LIB ESSs, which are still under development.
Learn more about ESS by visiting their website at http://www.
The process of designing the ESS architectural design and surrounding landscaping is still in an early stage.
Administration tools and Agent Development Kit (ADK): provides secure, administrative capabilities, allowing users to add, edit, and remove search sources easily for true enterprise search and ongoing ESS administration.
They may make it easier for some companies to buy an ESS than to buy StorageTek's system.
This report provides analysis of the ESS industry based ion division into five markets and 4 characteristics.
We are very proud about this first patent for the European Spallation Source, which would not have been possible without the thin-films expertise at Linkoping University", says Colin Carlile, CEO of ESS.
Colin Carlile has been the crucial driving force behind the realisation of ESS as a concrete project on the global science arena.
What are the key countries for ESS going forward and what are the key drivers, barriers, and opportunities for ESS in Asia Pacific?
This sends a strong positive signal to our 17 European Partner Countries as the negotiations on the formal agreements and funding of the ESS Construction Phase enters into a decisive period.
The reincorporation from California to Delaware was approved by ESS shareholders on Friday, June 27, 2008.