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(1) (Electronic Switching System) A large-scale computer used to route telephone calls in a telephone company office. The 5ESS is a Class 5 central office switch, and the 4ESS is a Class 4 tandem office switch. The ESS designation originated with AT&T when it manufactured the machines and was the only telephone company in the U.S. See SS7, Class 4 switch, Class 5 switch and digital cross-connect.

(2) (Enterprise Storage Server) A family of SAN devices for mainframes and Unix servers from IBM. ESS units are built with a high degree of fault tolerance and connect via Fibre Channel, SCSI, ESCON and FICON interfaces. See SAN.

(3) (Executive Support System) See EIS.

(4) (Electronic SpreadSheet) See spreadsheet.

(5) (Extended Service Set) Two or more Wi-Fi access points in the same subnet. See BSS and 802.11.
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The Vice Chairman & Chief Operating Officer of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction - Chung Ji-taik revealed, The acquisition grants us an advantageous position in tackling the global ESS market, which is expected to become a 12 trillion won ($10 billion) market by 2025.
Apoyamos la organizacion de una conferencia internacional sobre el financiamiento de la ESS en 2017, y toda iniciativa para aprovechar el aporte de los principales actores de la ESS, incluso los organismos cooperativos internacionales, y en conexion con los Estados y los organismos de financiacion.
One is the absurd faith in crisis that ESS students consistently demonstrate.
Through the acquisition of new clients and the retaining of current ones, ESS is already scheduling projects into late Quarter 1 of 2014, and anticipates more to come before the year closes out.
Featuring a symbolic building, it will also give dignity and (shine) to reflect the future ESS importance in the European scientific landscape, says Colin Carlile, the ESS CEO.
Both the ESS and ESS-UR were subsequently administered to a larger population between February 2010 and April 2010.
The tribunal also allowed Dish TV to recover the excess payment of around 25 crores made to ESS for the period starting from 01.
A SNG service in New Delhi then downlinked the feed and routed it to ESS facilities in India for additional production before ingesting into its networks.
LAID BACK: Deighton's capital Hip Hop king Ess Green CROWD PLEASER: Smart moves from dance champ Ess Green
We look forward to our partnership with ESS Graphic," says Chris Davis, sales manager, offset technologies at Matik.
Currently, ESS has 24 joint venture partnerships in place with Aboriginal communities, with another five or six expected to come online in the coming year, Kallusky said.
Jean, who is deputy contracts manager for ESS at RAF Valley took the third spot in the national Be A Star awards open to all ESS' 6,400 employees across the UK.