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Virtual machine software from VMware, Inc., Palo Alto, CA (www.vmware.com) that allows multiple copies of the same operating system or several different operating systems to run in the same x86-based machine. For years, VMware has been the leader in virtualization software (see virtual machine).

Client PC Versions
VMware Workstation supports multiple operating systems running on a Windows or Linux PC. VMware ACE is a deployment tool for propagating virtual machines created in VMware Workstation to other PCs. A user's desktop (OS and applications) can be stored on a USB drive for transport.

VMware Fusion for the Mac
VMware Fusion runs Windows, Linux and other guest operating systems on the Mac (see VMware Fusion).

VMware Player - Try It First
The VMware Player runtime engine executes applications packaged as a virtual appliance without requiring the full VMware in the computer (see VMware Player).

vSphere Server Versions
vSphere is VMware's brand for its ESX and ESXi products. ESX is the company's flagship server virtualization product, which includes tools for datacenter management. For example, VMware's Vmotion enables virtual machines to be migrated live from one server to another.

ESXi (formerly ESX Server 3i) is a compact version that was designed for both servers and embedded devices. ESXi eliminates the console operating system (COS) in ESX.

Free VMware Server
VMware Server (formerly GSX Server) is a free product. However, VMware Server requires Windows or Linux to work, whereas ESX and ESXi are stand-alone virtual machine monitors (hypervisors) that directly control the hardware.

Thin Clients - Virtual Desktop Manager
Under the umbrella of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) VMware's Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM) provides a desktop virtualization environment for thin clients. Each user's desktop resides as a VMware virtual machine in the server. See thin client and virtual machine.
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For the final implementation of VLAM system VMware ESX Server hypervisor together with USB over IP technology have been used because of better support, stability and performance.
To deliver backup and recovery using the virtual environment itself, esXpress v3.5 uses virtual backup appliances (VBAs) - small virtual machines - that can be deployed in minutes on a VMware ESX server to autonomously conduct hot full or "virtual full" backups of virtual machines.
VMWARE ESX SERVER IN THE ENTERPRISE: PLANNING AND SECURING VIRTUALIZATION SERVERS is an excellent real-world guide to planning and managing modern virtual infrastructure platforms, and is a pick for college-level libraries strong in computer networking studies.
VMware ESX software can combine ten or more servers (which rarely use more than 20 percent of their capacity) into one.
For Debbie there's DEB 881E (pounds 900), while anyone who's proud to hail from Essex can bid for ESX 80Y (pounds 900).
The AC powered, stand-up counter-balanced ESX truck features a multi-function control handle that performs three functions simultaneously and includes two-way fork leveling.
Babson's IT organization has undertaken a transition to a virtual server and storage environment, relying on EqualLogic PS Series storage arrays and VMware ESX Server 3.0.
The agreement extends by three years an alliance that began in 2002 and involves IBM offering VMware's VirtualCenter, VMotion, ESX Server and Virtual SMP software products on its eServer xSeries and BladeCenter systems worldwide.
"The combination of Unicenter and VMware's ca smart-certified ESX Server and GSX Server enables well-managed, dynamic provisioning of Intel-based computing resources in response to ever-changing business requirements."
And the company that staged the show, Star ESX, has invited her back for another shot at the big time.
Under the agreement, IBM will offer VMware ESX Server virtual machine software with dynamic logical partitioning with select eServer systems.