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Marisa Gerlach, a trainer at Southeastern for 15 years, told me to instruct Eula to move by raising my right arm level to my shoulder and saying, "Eula: forward." Gerlach says the dogs here understand 40 different commands.
The basic point, of course, is never sign a EULA without having it reviewed by an experienced technology attorney.
days before Eula's marriage to Flem Snopes (797, cf.
The idea of male sexual conquest and virility being interpreted through smell also holds true in The Town, where the three young men who are suspected of fathering Eula Varner's baby are described as the ones who "ran from the smell of Will Varner's shotgun" (6).
When purchasing a license, always ask if a government EULA is available and remember that the order of precedence is key in resolving any inconsistencies between the software publisher's end user license agreement and the EULA that serves the best interest of the government.
One of the most serious risks is right there in black and white for anyone who reads the EULA of many of these providers.
(126) While it is unclear to what extent this ruling might in turn apply to the wide range of terms contained in the typical children's digital game or virtual-world EULA, it nonetheless raises a compelling argument against the validity and reach of the above-mentioned strategy of naming a parent as the agreeing party.
All software that one "pays" for is actually rented under a very strict end user licence agreement (EULA) and that is the technicality that Apple and Google are relying on.
I HAVE just read Eula Green's reply to Mike Lockley's article on foxes.
The barriers - built of small logs, branches and dirt - have been found over the past two weeks on the Hardesty Mountain trail, the Eula Ridge trail and the South Willamette trail, said Willamette National Forest spokeswoman Katie Isacksen.