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Some day or other, too, his sister Europa might have come quietly to the door of his home, and smiled round upon the familiar faces.
He fancied it his long-lost sister Europa, now grown to womanhood, coming to make him happy, and to repay him with her sweet sisterly affection, for all those weary wonderings in quest of her since he left King Agenor's palace--for the tears that he had shed, on parting with Phoenix, and Cilix, and Thasus--for the heart-breakings that had made the whole world seem dismal to him over his dear mother's grave.
"No, Cadmus," said the same voice that had spoken to him in the field of the armed men, "this is not that dear sister Europa whom you have sought so faithfully all over the wide world.
Steiner establece su siguiente axioma a partir de las raices culturales de Europa. Sintetiza la herencia helenica en cuatro elementos puntuales: musica, matematicas, filosofia y ciencia.
"The most obvious subsurface lake on Europa likely holds more water than all five Great Lakes," says Schmidt.
Sepla said the strike was to protest cooperation arrangements between Air Europa and the Portuguese airline Orbest, which "externalized" Air Europa services.
Per scientists, Jupiter's moon Europa has long been considered as having the possibility of exhibiting alien life, be it in whatever form.
According to NASA, Jupiter's gravitational effect on Europa can create tidal forces, which strongly suggests that the moon's oceans are in liquid form.
The space agency's Europa Clipper, which it describes as a 'highly capable, radiation tolerant spacecraft', will make the treacherous journey to Europa.
Europa has a 100% interest in licence which is located on the west flank of the South Porcupine basin and includes the Kiely prospects and the Doyle Cretaceous channel complex.
Mar 20 Champions League and Europa League quarter-final and semi-final draws.