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(EVolution-Data Optimized) A 3G digital service provided by CDMA cellular carriers worldwide such as Verizon and Sprint (now T-Mobile) in the U.S. EV-DO works on EV-DO cellphones as well as laptops and portable devices with EV-DO modems. Part of the CDMA2000 standards, EV-DO users have experienced data rates up to 800 Kbps typically with more latency than DSL and cable service. EV-DO is also known as "1xEV-DO."

Revisions 0, A and B
Revision 0 of EV-DO provided a data rate of 2.45 Mbps, which was increased to 3.1 Mbps with Revision A (TIA-856 Rev. A). In addition, Revision A is based entirely on the IP protocol.

Revision B (TIA-856 Rev. B) is the "multicarrier" version and supports two or three channels (2x, 3x), which can be combined to increase the data rate for video and other high-speed requirements. There have been several nomenclature variations; for example, 3-channel EV-DO Rev. B has been called "3XRTT," "MC-3X," and "IMT-CDMA MultiCarrier 3X." See CDMA, CDMA2000, WCDMA, LTE and cellular generations.

EV-DO Signal Strength
The "EV" is the EV-DO signal strength on this cellphone, which is only one bar at this moment. The "1X" signal, also one bar, is the standard CDMA voice and text messaging channel. As the phone travels, the strength of the two signals may differ.

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Wright explains that the major security concern he's seen so far is the way that built-in EV-DO cards might be used on computers running Windows XP where a user has administrator rights.
You can expose the corporate network to the entire Internet by bridging your EV-DO and LAN interfaces, says Wright.
It uses custom applications software integrated into ATCA hardware platform technology and reportedly reduces the number of EV-DO base site controllers an operator needs to operate its network.
It said as a device loses LTE connectivity, it switches automatically to EV-DO to ensure consistent streaming without IP packets being dropped, with the process then reversed and devices switched back to LTE.
Sprint customers can use the mobile computer to make voice calls, manage documents and send data, with the device's EV-DO capabilities, enabling services such as high-speed video telephony, large file transmission and video messaging.
Sprint, a provider of voice, data and Internet services, has revealed that it has upgraded the Sprint Power Vision Network in the San Diego market with EV-DO Revision A technology.
The ConnectPort WAN VPN from Digi International, a hardware and software provider, has been certified for use on the high-speed EV-DO network of Verizon Wireless, a wireless services provider in the US.
According to Sprint, it will start the introduction of EV-DO Revision A technology during the fourth quarter this year.
Communications networks company Nortel (NYSE/TSX: NT) and Sierra Wireless (Nasdaq:SWIR), a provider of data communications products, have achieved over the air test calls using EV-DO Revision A wireless technology and pre-commercial wireless data devices.
Products for EV-DO Revision A networks have been unveiled by Sierra Wireless (Nasdaq:SWIR), a provider of data communications hardware and software products.
According to Bell Mobility, the EV-DO coverage it offers in Quebec City provides wireless users living in or visiting the city with broadband power and capabilities.
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