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EXAFS or small-angle scattering), insufficient collaborations between the experimental and theoretical communities, and user-friendliness of computer software.
GIXS (grazing incidence x-ray scattering), EXAFS (extended x-ray absorption fine structure), and SXS (surface x-ray scattering) are useful in electrochemical studies chiefly because "you see a larger area than in STM," says Michael Toney of IBM's Almaden Research Center, San Jose.
Chambers gave an overview on the absorption andreduction of chromate using classical XPS and LEED as well as synchrotron-based EXAFS AND XPS.
EXAFS measurements were conducted at the Cu K-edge .
2]O) and lepidocrocite ([gamma]-FeOOH): Surface complexes from EXAFS spectroscopy.
2004) investigated the co-sorption of arsenate and Zn(II) at the goethite-water interface at pH 4 and 7 with EXAFS spectroscopy.
Theoretical calculations of photoelectron scattering are now an integral part of both EXAFS and XANES analysis.
The X-ray absorption spectrum is conventionally divided into the EXAFS and XANES portions.
Characterization techniques such as XRD, EXAFS and TEM indicated that the results were close to previously investigate Co and Ni catalysts.
Manceau A, Lanson B, Sehlegel ML, Harge JC, Musso M, Eybert-Berard L, Hazemann L Chateigner D, Lamble GM (2000) Quantitative Zn speciation in smelter-contaminated soils by EXAFS spectroscopy.
3 and 4 - use either total electron yield or fluorescence detection to obtain EXAFS and/or NEXAFS spectra on the two monochromatic beamlines.
Both the EXAFS results and the computations reveal that when [Cr.