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In developing a simple method to characterize the bimetallic interactions, the correlation between the ratio of Pt-Ru to Pt-Pt characteristic peak intensity ([I.sub.Pt-Ru]/[I.sub.Pt-Pt]) and the ratio of Pt-Ru to Pt-Pt coordination number ([N.sub.Pt-Ru]/[N.sub.Pt-Pt]) estimated from detailed EXAFS analysis was employed.
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But it took four years before the researchers were able to perform the first successful EXAFS study of a liquid-solid interface.
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Indium K-edge extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) was employed to study the local structure of InSb thin films on GaAs.
[68] observed the complexes [[U[([H.sub.2]O).sub.8]Cl].sup.3+], [[U[([H.sub.2]O).sub.6-7][Cl.sub.2]].spu.2+], and [[U[([H.sub.2]O).sub.5][Cl.sub.3]].sup.+] with [[Cl.sup.-]] increasing from 0 to 9 M at room temperature in acidic ([pH.sub.25[degrees]C] 0.24-1.61) HCl + LiCl solutions via in situ EXAFS spectroscopy.
The EXAFS experiments by Farges and Calas in metamict zircons from Madagascar and Japan show the coexistence of Zr(VII) and Zr(VIII) coordination, Zr(VIII) corresponding to the fundamental structure of the crystalline zircon and Zr(VII) produced by metamictization [15, 16].
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