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exclamation point

An exclamation point or exclamation mark ( ! ) is a punctuation mark commonly used to express strong, intense emotions in declarations. It can also be used to add emphasis to interjections and commands.
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exclamation mark

The character "!" with ASCII code 33.

Common names: bang; pling; excl (/eks'kl/); shriek; ITU-T: exclamation mark, exclamation point (US). Rare: factorial; exclam; smash; cuss; boing; yell; wow; hey; wham; eureka; soldier; INTERCAL: spark-spot.

The Commonwealth Hackish, "pling", is common among Acorn Archimedes owners. Bang is more common in the USA.

The occasional CMU usage, "shriek", is also used by APL fans and mathematicians, especially category theorists.

Exclamation mark is used in C and elsewhere as the logical negation operation (NOT).
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-- this one, too?" he exclaimed. "Oh, where will be the end?" Villefort rushed into the room.
"Ah, you practical men!" exclaimed Michel Ardan; "I admire you the more for not being able to understand you."
"The king!" they exclaimed, as all rose in bewilderment.
``Foul craven!'' exclaimed Ivanhoe; ``does he blench from the helm when the wind blows highest?''
"Lost!" exclaimed the sportsman, with a gesture of despair.
"Alice!" exclaimed the father, in an astonishment equal to that with which Duncan had just repeated the name of her sister.
"Godmother!" exclaimed Bérangère, whose eyes, incessantly in motion, had suddenly been raised to the summit of the towers of Notre-Dame, "who is that black man up yonder?"
"How sweet of you," she exclaimed. "I'm frightfully hungry.
"That is quite another thing, then; a thousand compliments," exclaimed De Guiche, upon whose lips a courtier's jest was already fitting, but to whom the word "affianced," addressed by Malicorne with respect to Mademoiselle de Montalais, recalled the respect due to women.
"I asked her to pity me, and she teases me!" Rodney exclaimed.
"God, Rachel, you do read trash!" he exclaimed. "And you're behind the times too, my dear.
At this point one of the two that looked like kings exclaimed, "Enough, enough, divine singer!