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RIGHT CENTER LEFT Row Sum CPCUR 2 15 8 25 EXCP 10 35 8 53 CPNEVER 5 17 0 22 Column Sum 17 67 16 Note: CPCUR = currently a member of the Communist Party; EXCP = formerly a member of the Communist Party; CPNEVER = never a member of the Communist Party.
Obviously, such a program is fully predictable; if the number of input transactions is given, one can precisely calculate the consumption of CPU time, the number of channel activities (Execute Channel Programs or EXCPs), and the number of printed lines.
Tenders are invited for Card Complete-254 Power Transistor For Excp. Rdso Specn No- Iec-571-1,Mp-Tp-16 Type-11 Uc 254.
Tenders are invited for Panel Excitation Complete Excp To Bhel Type E- 304 Alco Cat No-17Fl14f 1 To Ecil Code No- 213900003 Or Equivalent.
Tenders are invited for Card Eft Power Transition Excp No-254
Tenders are invited for Function Generator Card No - 293 Complete For Excp. Rdso Spec No Iec-571-1 Mp.Tp-16 Ecil Code 21-396-0086.