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An early batch language for the IBM VM/CMS systems.

[SC19-6209 Virtual Machine/ System Product CMS Command and Macro Reference, Appendix F. CMS EXEC Control Statements].


/eg-zek'/ <operating system> 1. execute.

A synonym for chain derived from the Unix "exec" system call.

Unix manual page: execve(2).

2. (Obsolete) executive.

The mainstream "exec" as an abbreviation for (human) executive is *not* used. To a hacker, an "exec" is a always a program, never a person.

3. At IBM and VM/CMS shops, the equivalent of a shell command file.

4. <operating system> The innermost kernel of the Amiga operating system which provides shared-library support, device interface, memory management, CPU management, basic IPC, and the basic structures for OS extension. The rest of the Amiga OS (windowing, file system, third-party extensions, etc.) is built using these structures.
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