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see HokkaidoHokkaido
, island (1990 pop. 5,643,515), c.30,130 sq mi (78,040 sq km), N Japan, separated from Honshu island by the Tsugaru Strait and from Sakhalin, Russia, by the Soya Strait. It is the second largest, northernmost, and most sparsely populated of the major islands of Japan.
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, Japan.
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Ecology and post-settlement survival of the Ezo abalone, Haliotis discus hannai, on Miyagi Coasts, Japan.
Reappraising the Sakoku Paradigm: The Ezo Trade and the Extension of Tokugawa Political Space into Hokkaido.
While much of the discussion was on stiff metal lids, a new generation of EZO lids includes peelable foil, some of which are capable of being processed in an over-pressure retort.
I had this dream of making my own beer," be says, but considering the difficulty of doing it locally, Kaufman figured it was best to brew Ezo Beer elsewhere and ship it to Japan.
Penetration and retention in ezo spruce were fairly uniform over the moisture ranges tested, although there was a slight improvement in retention at 20 percent MC.
Ezo kodai fuzoku, preserved at the municipal library of Hakodate (Hokkaido).
Iwanosuke's annual rediscovery of his ethnic roots was a "remnant of the old Ezo [Ainu] customs", according to the explorer Mogami Tokunai, who visited Kennichi village in 1784.
The Klear Can is similar to many polypropylene plastic containers with double-seam EZO can ends found in stores today.
Growth characteristics of the hybrid between pinto abalone, Haliotis kamtschatkana Jonas, and ezo abalone, H.
HUITZTLIESPINA Xijkui ze uitzli xnech najnaua xi nech kechteki xi mo yolchicaua xij pa mo chan ika no ezo xij teki no mets xtlachpana mo chan ika achi puyekatl xij mo kajlapo xi nech kuatopeua xij chiua pampa na nij nekis ni mo kuepas ken ze piltotol Icaro petlatltatatzin xij tlachia kaajko xijkui ze uitzli xi mo najnaua.
They found, for one thing, that consumers are in favor of EZO (short for "Easy-to-Open") can ends.
Options we offer include steel or tin plate coined for can opener assist; EZO aluminum with easy-pull rings; Ultra-Seal[R] peelable, printable, smooth-edge foil or paper laminate membrane with a metal rim for added body strength; Safe-Top[R] peelable, printable, smooth-edge foil or polylaminate membrane with a curl top; Mirastrip peelable plastic strips used in conjunction with a metal end; aluminum ends with die-cut holes for product dispensing; and shaker-top plastic closures for shaking, pouring and/or spooning features.