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, island (1990 pop. 5,643,515), c.30,130 sq mi (78,040 sq km), N Japan, separated from Honshu island by the Tsugaru Strait and from Sakhalin, Russia, by the Soya Strait. It is the second largest, northernmost, and most sparsely populated of the major islands of Japan.
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, Japan.
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Ecology and post-settlement survival of the Ezo abalone, Haliotis discus hannai, on Miyagi Coasts, Japan.
"Reappraising the Sakoku Paradigm: The Ezo Trade and the Extension of Tokugawa Political Space into Hokkaido." Journal of Asian History 30, no.
While much of the discussion was on stiff metal lids, a new generation of EZO lids includes peelable foil, some of which are capable of being processed in an over-pressure retort.
"I had this dream of making my own beer," be says, but considering the difficulty of doing it locally, Kaufman figured it was best to brew Ezo Beer elsewhere and ship it to Japan.
In this report, we describe the effect of MC on treatability of Japanese red pine, Japanese larch, and ezo spruce with chromated copper arsenate (CCA).
The earliest accounts of these "Barbarians of the East" were written in the eighteenth century by Japanese who, without even understanding the Ainu language, spoke of a distinct body of texts known as yukara, the Japanese transcription of the Ainu term yukar.(12) The Japanese called the genre ezo joruri,(13) assimilating it to the traditional Japanese recitative originating in bunraku puppet theater.
In his main epics--Hajnikova zena (1886; "The Gamekeeper's Wife") and Ezo Vlkolinsky (1890)--he treated local themes in a style that combined realistic descriptive power with lyric echoes from folk song.
At the same time, the Satsumon culture came under the political, economic and cultural influence of the Japanese in northern Honshu and southern Hokkaido.(8) From the Japanese standpoint these contacts were a continuation of their subjugation of the "eastern barbarians" (the Emishi and Ezo), a process that dated back to at least the seventh century.
The new, "easy-to-open" EZO Hi-Cone six-pack carriers feature pull-down tabs that break the cans free.
gigantea seiboldii; the northern abalone or "ezo awabi," N.
Even if the place with a suspected outbreak of Ebola was found a thousand miles away from the boarder, precautionary measures will be taken care of ahead of time, stressed Enoka, adding that major entry points into South Sudan like Ezo, Ri-yubu, Sakure and Nabiapai in Yambio will be closely monitored at people cross to the young nation.