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(both: ĕd`mər), d. 1124?, English monk and historian. He was in the monastery of Christ Church, Canterbury, when Anselm became archbishop of Canterbury, and his biography of St. Anselm is the basic one. Eadmer's Historiae novorum is a history of England from 1066 to 1122 from the ecclesiastical point of view and is excellent of its kind. He was elected archbishop of St. Andrews, but was never consecrated because the Scots refused to accept the spiritual authority of Canterbury.


See R. W. Southern, St. Anselm and His Biographer (1963).

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The names of some of the best of these chroniclers are Eadmer, Orderic Vitalis, and William of Malmesbury.
In the twelfth century, Eadmer of Canterbury took these ideas to another level, arguing that Mary's excellence precluded any taint of original sin: simply by coming into existence in her mothers womb at the moment of her Immaculate Conception, the Virgin's perfection redeemed the fallen world.
The monk Eadmer, who was hugely influenced by Bede, wrote, for example, a Historia Novorum in Anglia, between 1095 and 1123, and William of Malmesbury, who considered himself as Bede's successor, a Historia Novella at the end of his life (he died in 1143), a work which he left unfinished.
In this short sentence (which never fails to draw knowing laughter from my students), Werfel signals Peyramale's awareness of the long doctrinal development leading up to the definition in 1854--a controversial development to which such saints and theologians as Augustine, Anselm of Canterbury, Eadmer of Canterbury, Bernard of Clairvaux, Thomas Aquinas, Ramon Lull, and John Duns Scotus had contributed, often by their objections.
XI (Winchester y Canterbury), y fue un monje ingles, Eadmer de Canterbury (c.
Asi, en la Inglaterra del siglo XI, Eadmer de San Alban comentaba para si que escribir era comparable a dictarse sus propios manuscritos, mientras que Santo Tomas de Aquino, quien empleaba copistas para sacar en limpio sus manuscritos, componia y organizaba sus textos en formato cuasi-oral.
Much of his life is only known through the works of Eadmer, which are not particularly concerned with his intellectual life, and much modern history distinguishes philosophy and theology as separate branches.
EADMER OF CANTERBURY, De Conceptione Sanctae Mariae, Ed.
We have made a place to remember the pious monk Eadmer, who received the vision.
In the following year he made his first visit to England, where he became acquainted with the young monk Eadmer who was to become Anselm's close associate and biographer.
For example, the uitae by Osbern, Eadmer, and William of Malmesbury deserve more than two pages between them (pp.