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see EdwyEdwy
or Eadwig
, d. 959, king of the English (955–57) and king of Wessex (955–59), son of Edmund. He succeeded his uncle, Edred as king of the English, but in 957, Mercia and Northumbria shifted their allegiance to his brother Edgar.
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Eadwig came from the ruling house of Wessex and in 957 both the Northumbrians and the Mercians renounced their allegiance to him in favour of his 14-year-old younger brother Edgar.
Eadwig is 'king not only of the Anglo-Saxons but also truly of the whole island of Albion'.
Pfaff offers the tentative suggestion that he might even be a glorious shadow, a gesture towards the memory of Eadwig Basan, the leading scribe at Canterbury early in the eleventh century (p.