Eagle nebula

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Eagle nebula

(M16; NGC 6611) A large emission nebula – an H II region – that is located about 2.5 kiloparsecs away in the direction of the constellation Serpens Cauda (see Serpens). It contains some hot young stars that are part of an open cluster.

Eagle Nebula

[′ē·gəl ′neb·yə·lə]
A large emission nebula in the constellation Serpens, about 2500 parsecs away.
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One image was three towering columns of gas and dust six million million miles high, known as the Eagle Nebula.
Composed of cold hydrogen gas and dust, the pillars reside in the Milky Way's Eagle nebula, a star-forming region 7,000 light-years from Earth.
The color image zeros in on diaphanous pillars of gas, nicknamed elephant trunks, in the Eagle nebula, about 7,000 light-years from Earth (SN: 11/4/95, p.
Each-way value could lie with Eagle Nebula, who finished ninth on his latest start at Kempton.
But these images reveal a far more exotic world--huge pillars of gas that constitute the birthplace of stars in the Eagle nebula, a star-forming region 7,000 light-years from Earth.
Fox sent tumbling again Kieren Fox managed to get a tune out of Eagle Nebula for a second time, having won on him at Lingfield on his last start, but as was the case on that occasion it was the seven-year-old who had the last laugh, dumping Fox after crossing the line.
BOLDLY GO: A stellar spire in the Eagle Nebula - Google Sky allows you to virtually fly around the universe, or simply enter your postcode - as we did top right - and view the sky as it would appear above you.
Eagle Nebula and Final Liberation were both successful on the Polytrack and Newman said: "I love all-weather racing.
This image of the eerie-looking Eagle Nebula reveals a tall, dense tower of gas ( 90 trillion km high ( being sculpted by ultraviolet light from a group of massive, hot stars.
A string of five consecutive seconds was broken in the judge's room, where the West-trained gelding was named the winner by a head and a nose from Coda Agency and Eagle Nebula.
He looked to have the race won entering the final furlong, but was worn down close home and faded into third behind subsequent winner Blackmore and the reopposing Eagle Nebula.
He defeated some solid yardsticks for the grade in Eagle Nebula and Squad last time, while Mashdood didn't appear to beat much over course and distance most recently, and Coda Agency has been well campaigned and well ridden to win his last two, again over course and distance.

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