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The Hush[TM] ear plugs and earmuffs come in unique bright hi-viz citron and Sky (blue) colours that make them easily identifiable.
Supplied in boxes of 50, the new ear plugs are available in a single size to suit all wearers, and in blue for good visual detection.
If on the range, this can be a piece of cotton or better still, ear plugs inserted into the ear and a muff that completely encloses the outer ear.
also offers earplugs for flying with its HearRight Volume Control Ear Plugs.
These new ear plugs are bright blue in colour for immediate visual identification and, apparently, help to reduce noise levels for the wearer but do not hinder communication between personnel on the shopfloor.
For companies preferring disposable ear protectors, Detectamet has just introduced a fully detectable disposable ear plug that can be bought with or without a detectable connecting cord.
Last year Cirrus added the first product to its lineup that was not an ear plug.
The latest in a robust collection of more than 125 unique SPG "Simply Smarter" products, Zip-Outs provides a convenient means to access ear plugs for hearing protection, enabling all users to easily meet OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) requirements.
Building on its 25-year history of first-to-market ear plug innovations, DAP World Inc.
WHEN a broadcaster complained of poor hearing, his doctor found a radio ear plug lodged in his ear.
Limited Tenders are invited for Annual Rate Contract For Ear Plug & Ear Muff
Since 1992, Doug Pick, founder and CEO of DAP World, has been focused on transforming the ear plug market through bold innovations that have been proven to consistently drive incremental sales.