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A pair of head-mounted speakers that are positioned over the ears. For listening to music or monitoring live performances, both left and right channels are required. Although often called headphones, when a microphone is included for telephone or video calls, the device is technically a "headset."

Some of the Best Sound
Headphones allow listening to music without disturbing others, but they are also used by discerning audiophiles. High-quality headphones can provide an extraordinary listening experience that is far more affordable than room speakers. Headphones are driven by much lower amplification, and by creating a sealed listening chamber, they can sound as good as or better than stereo speakers costing many thousands. There is also no need to configure speakers for surround sound to match room acoustics. See earphones, virtual headphones and headset.

A Venerable Model
Grado Labs' SR60 headphones debuted in 1994 and are still being sold more than two decades later. Grado is a small, committed company in Brooklyn, New York that celebrated its 50th year in 2003.

One of the Best
Using mahogany speaker housings, the Grado Labs' GS1000 has been considered by audiophiles as one of the finest headphones ever made. It even makes a mobile device sound like a theater hall.

Wireless Headphones
Numerous wireless models are also available such as this unit from Sennheiser. Wireless headphones use FM radio frequencies as well as the 2.4 GHz band and Bluetooth. See Bluetooth.
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The multi-coloured LED light -- blue, green and red -- on the left earbud indicates charging, and pairing mode status and the light turns off when the device is paired.
The newest Roku didn't just add earbuds, of course.
The study, confirmed that Valencell earbud sensors were a valid and reliable instrument for continuous measurement of heart rate during exercise.
com/au/products/jaybird-run/preview/) CNET's test of the product showed that the wireless earbuds would have some "occasional Bluetooth hiccups" while running around crowded areas.
While wireless headsets are available in various shapes and sizes, one of the latest trends is truly wireless models that dont even have a cable running from one earbud to the other.
The IconX also has a 4GB storage capacity, which can store up to 1,000 songs, and a Smart Touch function, allowing its users to control the volume, select play, pause, or skip songs with a few simple taps of the earbuds.
Nuheara, meanwhile, is trying to do something similar to Doppler but also plans to let users of its forthcoming wireless earbuds connect with digital audio-music, phone calls, and, on the iPhone, Siri.
Consumer reception of wireless earbuds is still forming, even as their use case continues to evolve.
Our research shows that while the benefits of wireless are most obvious in the application of sport, many consumers still use their day-today earbuds.
Wireless earbuds may be placed to explode in popularity with the unveiling of the iPhone 7, as rumors recommend Apple will be doing away with the headphone jack on the device.
earhoox are designed to work with the standard earbuds included with many popular personal consumer electronics, including cellphones, tablets and MP3 players.
The wireless earbuds also have a companion Beoplay smartphone app, where the transparency mode can also be activated.