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Victorian architecture

1. The Revival and Eclectic architecture in 19th century Great Britain, named after the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901); also its American counterpart. Many architectural historians avoid the term Victorian architecture, considering the adjective “Victorian” merely as descriptive of an age that encompassed a number of specific exuberant, ornate, and highly decorative architectural styles.
2. A loose term that sometimes covers three picturesque phases of architecture in America: Early Victorian (1840–1860), High Victorian (1860–1880), and Late Victorian (1880– 1890) and beyond; the adjective “Victorian” is descriptive of an age that encompassed a number of specific exuberant, ornate, and highly decorative architectural styles, such as High Victorian Italianate (1860–1885), High Victorian Gothic (1860–1890), Second Empire style (1855– 1890), Stick style (1860–1885), Shingle style (1880–1890), Victorian Romanesque (1870– 1900), Gingerbread Folk architecture (1870– 1910), and Queen Anne style (1870–1910). The adjectives Victorian or High Victorian are sometimes applied to Gothic Revival and Italianate style to indicate their later, more detailed, and more elaborate phases.
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In closing, the author points out that in the nineteenth century, Great Britain needed the scientific knowledge of the sea developed in the early Victorian period to maintain her position as the world's greatest sea power and was, therefore, willing to pay for it.
Early Victorian Illustrated Books is lavishly and beautifully illustrated.
Early Victorian Illustrated Books: Britain, France and Germany, 1820-1860.
The "form" boat of these early Victorian races has been Michael Hiatt's Cookson 50 Living Doll which took line and first place in IRC in the opening race of the Range Series, took line and third place in the Portarlington Race, and then placed fist overall in the Melbourne to Stanley Race, with Peter Blake and Kate Mitchell's Farr 52 Goldfinger first to finish and second on IRC.
THE term "vintage fashion" covers a wide variety of period items - usually from the early Victorian era to the early 1970s.
In the early Victorian period this meant that intervention by government was seen in pathological terms as restoring the urban body to its natural state of health.
He also wrote criticism about the early Victorian novelists, edited Modern Biography, and compiled anthologies.
Unlike critics who fault Martineau for failing to represent either historical verisimilitude or feminist possibilities for change, Roberts shows how Deerbrook's "clinical perspective" (65) and The Hour and the Man's "description of Toussaint's crisis of identity and cultural dislocation" (89) actively disrupt early Victorian "middle-class ideological norms" (60).
Anyone wishing for a taste of early Victorian life could do worse than visit the Roath Park pleasure gardens after a heavy shower of rain.
Hook in Early Victorian Leeds: Church Life in a Nonconformist Town, 1836-1851.
Nicholas Dames develops in this helpful volume a revisionist view of memory in the early Victorian novel, a view so innovative it not only illuminates our modern perspective of the Victorian mental landscape, it reshapes it.

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