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Small headphones in each ear. Also called "earbuds," earphones stay put by resting inside the ear or by being inserted slightly into the ear canal or with hooks that wrap around the ear. Another variation is an earphone that clips onto the earlobe.

Ear Monitors
High-quality earphones called "ear monitors" have been used by performers on stage to hear instruments as well as cues. They are also available with custom-molded inserts like hearing aids. See headphones, headset, EarPods and mini-phone connector.

Stock Earbuds
Earbuds like these come standard with music players and smartphones. Although providing decent sound quality, higher-end earphones and especially headphones offer a better audio experience.

High-Performance Earphones
For professionals and serious music lovers, high-quality earphones deliver more listening enjoyment. These Munitio NINES use 9mm drivers, a 3-button control for Apple devices and small, medium and large tips for different size ear canals. (Image courtesy of BDA, Inc., www.munitio.com)

Custom Fit
Employing the same process for hearing aids, these Custom Ear Monitors are made from impressions of the wearer's ears. The custom fit provides greater comfort and eliminates more ambient noise. (Image courtesy of Ultimate Ears, a division of Logitech, www.ultimateears.com)
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Designed for the complete mobile lifestyle, the SV earphones tout an all-new design that delivers the same premium audio that has made MUNITIO a fan favourite, with the utmost in comfort and convenience for listeners on the go.
Robust smartphone and tablet sales in Asia Pacific, combined with proliferation of music streaming services is driving demand for earphones and headphones for personal use.
On the basis of product type, the market has been segmented into wired and wireless earphone and headphone segments.
Zaid Yousuf, 24, a business student, said he has seen many students exiting his university while listening to loud music through earphones, "and they usually end up getting into their cars and driving elsewhere with their earphones still plugged into their ear.
Consequently, the Silver Bullet Earphones are available at a nominal price of $15, Phone Arena reports.
The company's website claims the earphones will make watching porn more like a home theatre experience.
Kirkpatrick launched a Kick-starter campaign in 2013 with a target of $40,000 to make earphones, dubbed Decibullz Contour.
The earphones have a 1,200mm Y-shaped headset cord with a 3.
The eight new earphones come in three models: "SecureClip", "Flexi Hook" and "Sound Isolating".
Research showed 41 per cent of adults aged over-15 were wearing earphones regularly, with 82 per cent of 15 to 24-year-olds frequent users.
That moment came later when sales of the SE line of earphones, which Radius designed for Shure Inc.
6 hours per day at 70 percent volume using stock earphones, according to Cory Portnuff, a doctoral researcher in CU-Boulder's speech language and hearing sciences department.