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The point along a fault where an earthquake is initiated.



the focal point of an earthquake. The depth at which a hypocenter lies can vary from 0 to 700 km. The source of underground shock is movements along tectonic faults, which vary in length up to hundreds of kilometers. In this sense, the hypocenter means the point from which the fault began to rip open. In the upper parts of the earth’s crust (up to 20 km) the hypocenter occurs as a result of brittle deformations in a rock series. Deeper hypocenters arise where plastic deformations prevail.

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Distinct tectonic pattern constructed in such way on base of the geodetic results indicates good correlation with geophysical phenomena (magnetic, gravity anomalies, earthquake foci etc.).
Geodynamic evaluation of GPS/GNSS measurements and on basis of these derived movement tendencies is based on comparison of the geological structure with geodetic (RVM) and geophysical data (GRAV/MAG, earthquake foci), and structural relations determined from borehole database, archival seismic and geoelectric (VES) measurements (Skacelova, Z., personal communication).
The evaluation of chosen detected risk area on the base of GPS measurements and earthquake foci is one way to utilize the geodetic data in praxis.

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