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see land artland art
or earthworks,
art form developed in the late 1960s and early 70s by Robert Smithson, Robert Morris, Michael Heizer, and others, in which the artist employs the elements of nature in situ or rearranges the landscape with earthmoving equipment.
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The Permaculture Earthworks Handbook" covers the function, design, and construction methods for nine main types of water harvesting earthworks across a full range of climates and includes: Swales, ponds, dams, hugelkultur, net-and-pan systems, spate irrigation, and more; Cost versus benefit of different earthworks; Assessing site needs and suitability; Soil types and hydrology; Designing for maximum efficiency and lowest cost; Risk assessment and safe construction; Stacking functions and integrating earthworks into a design.
The 2D Machine Control factory fit option includes a 10-inch Android tablet display running the Trimble Earthworks software application.
Chuan Holdings has over 20 years of experience in the provision of earthworks to the construction industry in Singapore.
Jagger was fined PS1,000, and must pay PS3,850 costs and a PS15 victim surcharge; Earthworks was fined PS2,500, with PS3,850 costs and a PS15 victim surcharge.
Earthen enclosures in the shapes of circular rings with entryways facing east, squares with rounded corners and entryways, octagons with eight entrances, long passageways bordered by smooth earthen walls, conical mounds, low walls bordering large areas, and huge flat-topped rectangular burial mounds were placed along rivers, creeks, and natural land formations, with earthworks traversing the landscape for miles.
Preliminary excavations at one of the sites in 2008 revealed that some of the earthworks were surrounded by low mounds containing domestic ceramics, charcoal, grinding-stone fragments, and other evidence of habitation.
2]) of Palau's land mass and contains most of its earthworks.
Established in 1997 by Rick Samyn, then a Capuchin Franciscan brother, Earthworks is more than just a community garden.
Their hope is that the center will become the heart of scientific and cultural inquiry into the Earthworks, drawing academic and public attention.
As well as the school garden, the Earthworks team has created an allotment near the Shorefields area of Liverpool, with space for planting shrubs and vegetables and an on-site learning centre.
Each contains 450g of EarthWorks Soil Builder and 500ml of Plants, worth pounds 7.