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East Berlin:

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, city (1994 pop. 3,475,400), capital of Germany, coextensive with Berlin state (341 sq mi/883 sq km), NE Germany, on the Spree and Havel rivers. Formerly divided into East Berlin (156 sq mi/404 sq km) and West Berlin (185 sq mi/479 sq km), the city was reunified along
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East Berlin

(formerly) the part of Berlin under East German control
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The museum, a collection of jumbled rooms, contains an equally jumbled but incredible assortment of clever devices and tricky ploys invented by East Berliners determined to escape to the West.
He and other popular artists at the time performed a concert close enough to the wall for the East Berliners to hear.
I used to walk along the wall, looking across at those who lived on the other side and feel compassion for the East Berliners. They had neither the opportunities nor the experience of freedom that we, living in West Berlin, did.
When the concert ended, the East Berliners rose as one and applauded for what seemed like an eternity.
The dividing wall was built in 1961 to stop East Berliners fleeing to the West and millions around the world were glued to their TV sets on November 8, 1989, as the barrier - scene of so many deaths during failed escape attempts - finally started to crumble.
The boys enjoyed reading about East Berliners' escape attempts, from hidden compartments in cars to underground tunnels, at Haus Am Checkpoint Charlie (adults [euro]12.50, children [euro]6.90).
As reason contributor Malia Politzer has noted, between 1997 and 2007 the U.S.-Mexico border was about 10 times deadlier to immigrants than the Berlin Wall was to East Berliners in its entire 28-year existence.
In 1961, the German Democratic Republic erected the Berlin Wall to prevent East Berliners from fleeing to freedom into West Berlin.
It began with the decision by Walter Ulbricht, the East German dictator, to erect, on August 13, 1961, a barbed wire fence along the border between East and West Berlin and to shut the gates at railway and underground stations to stop East Berliners from fleeing.
On the morning of August 13, 1961, East Berliners woke to find soldiers had blocked off the streets, cut off rail links and begun building a wall of barbed wire and cemented paving stones which over the years, in Berlin, grew in height and complexity over 155 kilometres (96 miles).

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