East End

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East End

the. a densely populated part of E London containing former industrial and dock areas

East End


the eastern, industrial section of London adjacent to the port.

The principal industries of the East End are machinery, clothing, furniture, and food. The district is conspicuous for its high level of population congestion.

east end

The end of a church where the principal altar is placed; so called because medieval churches almost invariably had their sanctuaries at the east end and the main doors at the west end.
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In 10 years, East End Foods' work force has grown from 220 to 350 employees and we have added new processing and packing capabilities at its seven-acre West Bromwich HQ.
The Ohio River Bridges - East End Crossing PPP project is a large-scale availability-based infrastructure project.
To complete a prize trio, Tiny Woods Academy Director and Amble East End Juniors head coach Josh Rutherford also won Most Inspirational Leader.
But local authority bosses say they are hopeful they can "encourage a new group of people" to the library and have revealed an estimated moving date for the facility away from its current home alongside the East End Pool.
Memberships provide access to East End Pool, Smalley Pool and The Hub's Spray Ground.
JLL Capital Markets experts arranged loan for the acquisition and repositioning of 580 Eighth Avenue, 251 West 39th Street and 36 East 20th Street for East End Capital the private Ungar family office and also arranged the partnership of the two firms.
ROB Ealand, Barry Thrower and Alan Simpson found the hot spot midweek at Scaling Dam, fishing the main dam wall at the East End.
And once it is fully satisfied that its imported produce is as perfect as possible, East End Foods distributes the goods to customers across the globe.
London's East End has been home to a vibrant community of Jews since the 1880s.
Winterfest on the East End of Long Island is making its annual return in the coming weeks.
East End Capital is planning to make investment of $10 million to refurbish the 30-story New World Tower office building in downtown Miami.

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