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East End

the. a densely populated part of E London containing former industrial and dock areas
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East End


the eastern, industrial section of London adjacent to the port.

The principal industries of the East End are machinery, clothing, furniture, and food. The district is conspicuous for its high level of population congestion.

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east end

The end of a church where the principal altar is placed; so called because medieval churches almost invariably had their sanctuaries at the east end and the main doors at the west end.
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The British Union of Fascists was met with a 20,000-strong opposition during an inflammatory march through the East End of London in October 1936.
Charlie Neyra Jimmy Choo was founded in the east end of London in the 1990s.
He begins by focusing on his relatives' roots in the tough, working-class East End of London, but as he moves further back along his family tree, he unearths an unexpected lineage leading to the heart of the Tudor court, and an extraordinary royal ancestry.
He was born in the East End of London to an Irish mother and a Liverpudlian father before the family relocated to Peterborough and then to the North East.
INSIDE SCOTLAND YARD WITH TREVOR MCDONALD ITV, 9pm In the concluding part of the documentary, Trevor McDonald continues his trip through policing history, taking a look at the Sidney Street Siege of 1911 and the gang culture that permeated the East End of London during the 1960s.
San Francisco based text analytics startup Quid revealed on Monday that it is expanding to the UK with the opening of a new office in Shoreditch in the East End of London.
After capturing the nitty gritty of school life in Essex, Yorkshire and the East End of London, Cardiff kids are the latest to go under the televisual microscope.
Anyhoo, this docu is set in a traditional old boozer in the East End of London. It's not the Queen Vic, but the Lord Nelson, where groups of blokes actually talk to each other and everyone turns a blind eye when it gets a bit emotional.
Relatives of Jennifer Worth, the midwife who wrote the original books about her experiences in the East End of London in the 50s, believe the happy ending of season three would have been the perfect time to conclude the story.
Despite its popularity David has his sights set on a chain of pie-and-mash cafes in a bid to create a franchise of eateries which would sell his "favourite grub" - a traditional dish served in the East End of London.
Originally from the East End of London, Mary started supporting the Blues when she became the landlady of a popular pub in Birmingham city centre.

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