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For the quarter-to-date, margins were below last year's and comparable store sales were flat in spite of the shift of Easter week into this year's March results.
10THE average number of deeply-religious men who are nailed to a cross every year in the Philippines to mark Easter week.
Despite less than favorable weather conditions and slower than normal mall traffic during the first three weeks of the month, we experienced a rapid acceleration of sales during the Easter week which generated positive momentum going into the April time period," said Jack B.
The week beginning Easter Sunday is Easter Week, so its days are known as Easter something.
The company also noted that this year's March sales included Easter week, which in 1995 occurred during the April period.
We don't like to disrupt the holiday traffic, but we have to act with force to reach an accord and Easter Week is a very busy time.
In addition, Easter week occurred in the March reporting period this year versus April last year.
The Passion Play scheduled for Galway during Easter Week already has enough actresses, but they are struggling to fill the male roles.
The company noted that this year April sales included Easter week, which last year fell in March.
But many were torn down and destroyed during the violent events of Easter week.
Boss Michael O'Leary yesterday confirmed he is expecting airline staff to walk out during Easter week - one of the busiest times of the year.
Easter week was busy at All Hallows with planning for the Grand Spring Raffle in aid of the conservation fund.