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Eastern Church:

see Orthodox Eastern ChurchOrthodox Eastern Church,
community of Christian churches whose chief strength is in the Middle East and E Europe. Their members number some 300 million worldwide. The Orthodox agree doctrinally in accepting as ecumenical the first seven councils (see council, ecumenical) and in
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For the Byzantines and the Eastern Church, law was an ethical construct "fundamentally concerned with the moral structuring of society" (274).
The Jerusalem Patriarch, who also chairs the Council, thanked Archbishop Chrysostomos and the Church of Cyprus for their willingness to host the General Assembly, and said the church leaders also discussed other ways in which the Middle Eastern Church Council could be active in the area.
At the first "Faith and Order" Conference at Lausanne (1927), Sergei Bulgakov told a largely evangelical Protestant audience that disunion would disappear only when "the eyes of all turn towards our Mother, the Orthodox Eastern Church, and towards its charismatic episcopate for the healing of infirmities and renewal of our exhausted energies.
Augustine, Nemesius of Emesa, the Eastern Church and Nestorian Christianity on the body, and the influence of Jewish and Islamic thought on the development of the Western medical curriculum.
Despite the abundance of recent publications in religion and science, the Eastern Church has not been prominently involved in the discussion.
He holds it essential that the Eastern Church rejoin the Western.
But in the Eastern Church, she learned, Mary Magdalene was always an apostle, never a prostitute.
This look at what some may view as an overemphasis on nation-church-culture is actually an excellent tool for understanding Eastern Church philosophy, so foreign in the West.
The community centre has its main approach from the eastern church sagrato through the central linear atrium.
Still I was intimidated because there is no such thing as 'low Mass' or 'high Mass' in the Eastern church.
Binns's thematic organizing principle makes sense, emphasizing as it does, and for a largely Western readership, the commonalities (and sometimes messiness) of Eastern church views, histories and relationships.
Mary Magdalene, the "Apostle to the Apostles" and John the Evangelist are said, in Eastern Church tradition, to have traveled together as partner-evangelists.

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