Eastern Highlands

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Eastern Highlands,

c.2,400 mi (3,860 km) long, general name for the mountains and plateaus roughly paralleling the east and southeast coasts of Australia (including Tasmania) and forming the Continental Divide (see Great Dividing RangeGreat Dividing Range,
crest line of the Eastern Highlands of Australia. For the most part it separates rivers draining into the Pacific Ocean from those flowing into the Indian Ocean and the Arafura Sea.
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); rises to Mt. Kosciuszko (7,310 ft/2,228 m), Australia's highest peak, in the southeast. Rugged, with many gorges and few gaps, the Eastern Highlands long hindered westward expansion of British settlement. The slopes are covered with eucalyptus forests. Rich in minerals, the highlands contain most of Australia's coalfields; gold, copper, tin, oil, and natural gas are also extracted. The southern part of the region is a popular winter resort area. Major segments of the system are the Australian AlpsAustralian Alps,
chain of mountain ranges, SE Australia, in the state of Victoria and New South Wales, making up the southern part of the Eastern Highlands and forming the watershed between the Murray River system and streams flowing into the Tasman Sea.
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, the New England Range, and the Blue Mts.Blue Mountains,
region of New South Wales, SE Australia. Located W of Sydney, this elevation is actually a plateau forming part of the Great Dividing Range.
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Samples were collected from three additional rivers in the unglaciated Eastern Highlands region including the upper Ohio River, the Kanawha River, and the Monongahela River.
Henry Bennett (1962).' The importance of this journal as a primary source for understanding the investigation of kuru perhaps indicates the strength of the bonds formed between laboratory science, epidemiology and anthropology in the eastern highlands of New Guinea in the 1950s and 1960s (which Lindenbaum discusses in her review here).
Norikori Swamp (Haberle 1996) lies at an altitude of 1750m in the eastern highlands and shows that a Myrtaceous/Pandanus swamp forest existed on the site for an undetermined time before 5000 cal BP.
The Zimbabwe Coffee Mill, based in Mutare in the center of the eastern highlands and on the rail route to the coast at Beira in Mozambique, sells about half the total crop -- 4,900 tons.
Watson, Marie Reay, and Paula Brown were to work in the Eastern Highlands near or soon after this time, and many missionaries and government patrol officers made their own contributions before 1960.
The Western Highlands Province is the largest producer followed by Eastern Highlands, Simbu, Morobe, and East Sepik.
On the morning of Christmas Day 1932, a tiny DH Moth biplane droned slowly across the then newly discovered eastern highlands of Papua, New Guinea.
He added that tea bushes in the plantations scattered throughout the eastern highlands had been badly affected by drought and that it would take between two to three years for them to recover, providing that there were good rains, otherwise the situation would deteriorate.

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