Eastern method

pick and dip, Eastern method, New England method

A method of laying brick whereby the bricklayer simultaneously picks up a brick with one hand and, with the other hand, enough mortar on a trowel to lay the brick.
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This video has been designed as a teaching aid in order to learn an Eastern method of making and using coils for handbuilt ceramics.
Acupuncture is an Eastern method of inserting needles at specific points to balance "energy".
The Western defense of its use of philosophy and reason is essentially the same as its critique of Eastern method: theology is inherently the enterprise of trying to speak of God, and if that speech is not to abide by such commonsense principles as identity and noncontradiction,(2) there is no point in speaking at all.
In such a conceptualization of "form" I can see the existence of Eastern method, one that is in a totally different dimension from the European one.
For so many, this is a new introduction of Chiropractic treatment and other Eastern methods of health.
Eastern methods of meditation, especially Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, serve as models of meditation.
Dao is an ancient Eastern methods for exploring and change-and here it combines with brain research to explore the brain's optimal ways of functioning and how to encourage its processes for positive results.
In October, 1989, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith stated in a document entitled Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on some aspects of Christian meditation, "with the present diffusion of Eastern methods of meditation in the Christian world and in ecclesial communities, we find ourselves faced with a pointed renewal of an attempt which is not free from dangers and errors, to fuse Christian meditation with that which is not Christian ...
Written by Chris Speyer and directed by Paul James, A Handful of Sand draws upon Middle Eastern methods of storytelling, with puzzles to unravel and hidden truths to discover.
Furthermore, Poole's practice of making repeated references to the use of Eastern methods, tactics, and doctrine becomes so distracting that one is tempted to skip over the section and move on.
Kai Zen-Hada, pounds 66 at The Langley Spa, ConwyAn advanced facial with five levels of massage bringing together ancient eastern methods and western technology to aid lymphatic flow, stimulate circulation and relieve muscle tensions.
The Taoist chi kung (also spelled "qigong") approach to breathing is distinctly different from many other eastern methods of breathing.

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