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What does it mean when you dream about eating?

Eating sometimes symbolizes partaking of non-physical forms of nourishment. It may also represent enjoyment or indulgence. Because the English language uses certain eating metaphors, eating in dreams sometimes indicates anxiety (“What’s eating you?”) or being overwhelmed (being “eaten alive”). (See also Devour, Hunger).

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To interpret this dream adequately you need to consider all of its details including what type of food you were eating, if you were eating alone, with strangers, or with familiar people. Eating usually symbolizes comfort, pleasure, and love, and most people use and misuse food on a daily basis. We nourish our bodies and stuff our feelings with food. Eating is a part of life and for some of us it is a problem. If you are on a perpetual diet and are depriving yourself of food, then this dream may be compensatory in nature. If you are feeling lonely or lack warmth, you may have dreams of eating. Eating in a dream suggests a need for physical, psychological, or spiritual nourishment.
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