Ebertin, Reinhold

Ebertin, Reinhold

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Reinhold Ebertin, born February 16, 1901, in Görlitz, Saxony, was an eminent German astrologer who developed cosmobiology, which has proven popular with many astrologers, especially in Europe. He became interested in astrology in 1916 and by 1923 had taken up a career as a professional astrologer. He was initially a student of Alfred Witte’s Uranian astrology but came to reject the elements of hypothetical planets and house interpretations. Ebertin also simplified Witte’s midpoint combinations. The resulting system was a streamlined version of Witte’s.

Ebertin initiated the periodical Mensch in All in 1928. It was suppressed by the Nazis but resumed after the war with the new title Kosmobiologie. Ebertin wrote more than 60 books. Many of his books have not been translated into other languages, although several have been translated into English. Ebertin died March 14, 1988.


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