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a product resulting from the vulcanization of rubber with large quantities of sulfur, about 30 to 50 percent per mass of rubber. Ebonites are hard materials and, unlike “soft” rubbers, display no high-elastic properties at ordinary temperatures. They lend themselves readily to mechanical processing, are nonhygroscopic and impermeable to gas, and are resistant to the action of solutions of acids, bases, salts, plant oils, and animal fats. They are decomposed by strong oxidizing agents and by aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Ebonites have a density of 1.15–1.68 g/cm3, a Young’s modulus of 2–3 giganewtons/m2 (20 × 103 to 30 × 103 kilograms-force/cm2), a tensile strength of 52–67 meganewtons/m2 (520–670 kilograms-force/cm2), and a volumetric resistivity of 1–10 teraohm-m (1014–1015 ohm · cm).

Ebonites are used to manufacture electric insulating components of devices and to rubberize various vessels used for corrosive liquids. In many areas of technology, ebonites are being replaced by plastics, which have superior dielectric properties and chemical stability.


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He spoke at length during the meeting about the four styles of bowling balls that are currently designed, marketed, and manufactured by Ebonite International, and how each of these balls was designed with a particular target market in mind.
He credits organizations such as the National Society of Black Engineers and a college study group he organized for teaching him how to collaborate with his team at Ebonite. "We would go back and forth until each of us understood all the core concepts," says Hickland about the study group.
We grabbed our bowling ball see-saw, chucked our Ebonite in the bag and slipped on our purple Jesus Quintana leisure suit.
I can remember lying on the floor and looking up in my parents' kitchen at their white ebonite radio and hearing Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) with Domenico Modugno singing.
Ebonite International Inc., a manufacturer in Hopkinsville, Ky., uses fly ash as ballast to adjust the heft of its bowling balls, which can be as much as 40 percent fly ash by weight.
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In the invisible world that the indication of the galvanometer reveals to us, ebonite is a translucent, and water an opaque material.
Collectors from Europe, Japan, Canada and America are set to bid for a host of items including a very rare Coxon three-inch four-spoke reel with ebonite drum made in 1910, which is expected to fetch pounds 1,500.
EXHIBIT: NENSCO will display prepress, pressroom, and post-press products including: Polyfibron press blankets; Liquid Gold solutions; environmentally safe USA and Freedom press washes; Ebonite ink drums and rubber rollers; press parts; reel room supply items; ergonomic mailroom handling equipment; Anitec and AGFA Film; along with their latest catalogs.
The `Bakelite Giorgi flute' was, of course, ebonite as usual and, in its original case with its fingering chart, made 345[pounds].
This is achieved by renewing components either in up to date materials or by supplying new designs of components, for example removing ebonite internals, and replacing these with plastics or stainless steel.