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In her personal history, it was learned that she had recurrent epistaxis, painful bruising on the body and menorrhagia, her ecchymoses increased with sadness and stress and regressed spontaneously after a while.
Lichen sclerosus (LS) is a pruritic inflammatory dermatosis, clinically characterized by white atrophic or sclerotic plaques and papules, ecchymoses, erosions, and scarring [12, 13].
A rare presenting symptom in children with leukaemia, called leukaemia cutis, may be confused with ecchymoses, since the lesions may be purplish in colour.
Cullen's sign (peri-umbilical ecchymoses) indicates intraperitoneal rupture of the haematoma and Grey-Turner's sign (flank discolouration) is probably secondary to extra-peritoneal extension of the haematoma.
At the ends of the scale, 10% of ecchymoses were 5.0 mm or less in diameter and another 10% were 30.0 mm or more in diameter.
Most of the patients had sustained subconjunctival haemorrhages, ecchymoses and ocular adnexal injuries rather than penetrating globe injuries involving posterior segment of the eye.
No neonatal problems or trauma during normal vaginal delivery resulting in cephalohematoma or ecchymoses was reported.
The clinical picture is highly variable and patients may present with different complaints., Ecchymoses usually develop in childhood; epistaxis, postoperative hemorrhage and gingival bleeding may be observed.
He had hypoxemia, hypotension, new acute renal failure, and new full-thickness skin necrosis with bullae, mottling, and ecchymoses of the affected arm.
These purplish discolorations may range from tiny dots known as petechiae to larger patches known as purpuras to even larger ones known as ecchymoses.