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Any member of the Picornaviridae family, genus Enterovirus; the name is derived from the group designation enteric cytopathogenic human orphan virus.



(acronym for enteric cytopathogenic human orphan virus), a minute virus containing one strand of RNA and lacking an outer protein layer. An orphan virus is a virus detected under laboratory conditions but not associated with any known disease. However, it has been found that this is not true of echovirus. Echovirus belongs to the genus Enterovirus of the family Picornavirus. Many of the more than 30 serotypes live in the human intestine without causing any symptoms of disease. Some, however, are the causative agents of aseptic meningitis, gastroenteritis, and respiratory diseases.

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Purified heat-treated coxsackievirus A9, coxsackievirus B3, echovirus 11, and poliovirus 1 were used as an antigen mixture in enterovirus IgG assays and purified heat-treated coxsackievirus A16, coxsackievirus B3, and echovirus 11 in IgM assays (12).
Echovirus 30 was isolated most frequently (19 isolates [25%]), followed by coxsackievirus A9 (eight isolates [10%]), coxsackievirus B2 (eight isolates [10%]), echovirus t (five isolates [6%]), echovirus 6 (five isolates [6%]), and coxsackievirus B5, echovirus 7, echovirus 9, and echovirus 11 (four isolates each [15%]).
Determination of the structure of a decay accelerating factor-binding clinical isolate of echovirus 11 allows mapping of mutants with altered receptor requirements for infection.