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TO GIG THE SPOTS TOURING "Female comedy has got stronger because people are actually listening to it better," Eclair muses.
Transfer to a piping bag and pipe generous blobs over the base of each eclair, then crumble over a few mini meringues (available from Waitrose).
Salem added: "A key differentiator of Eclair's eclairs is the fact that they are not filled with the regular creme fraiche like the traditional ones, but rather with the rich mousse of each flavour."
Mango puree, 1 and a 1/2 cups; whipped cream, 3-4tbsp; milk, 1/2 cup; sugar, 5-6tbsp (depending on how sweet you want it); water, 1/2 cup; gelatin powder, plain, 3tsp More eclairs at Paul
Precisely named Black Eclair, the Opera looks simply stunning in its contrasting colours: the intense blackness of the case magnifying the [beaucoup moins que]EclairTM[beaucoup plus grand que] finish to perfection.
BEIRUT: Chef Sarkis Nehme picked up the best eclair shell -- 12 centimeters of airy, perfectly browned pate a choux -- and without a blink, he stabbed it three times with a ballpoint pen, blue ink tip straight into the pastry.
This is a family that has been in the hands of the Aga Khan Studs for 70 years, starting with the 1942 purchase of Eclair, the 1933 Falmouth Stakes winner whose powerful line is thriving worldwide today.
This will be third official port for the Nexus One, the original Google-commissioned HTC-manufactured Android lead device - from Eclair to Froyo, and now Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3).
The two giant Gallic labs, Eclair Group and Quinta Communications, have not only been hit by the recession, they've also been struggling to step into the digital age.
According to The Guardian, comedian Jenny Eclair, the director of the Institute of Ideas Claire Fox, columnist India Knight and the children's laureate Jacqueline Wilson will also be on the panel.
Further in, you'll find a lovely scene called "Magikgarden," picturing among other things a gnome holding what looks like a piece of dog doo, or maybe an eclair. There's a definite Looking Glass logic to it all, though I've been thwarted in my attempts to break the code.
A teensy 2 1/2-ounce bar has ten grams of fat--more than a Good Humor Chocolate Eclair ice cream bar.