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People in some cultures believe that lunar and solar eclipses are the punishments given to the planets for the sins committed by humans.
The lunar eclipse will be visible almost everywhere in the world except North America, said astronomers who are describing this time of the year as an eclipse season.
The June 15 eclipse will be just three minutes shorter to it.
Los Angeles Astronomical Society member Polly Kiner, a resident of Canoga Park, said solar eclipses occur somewhere in the world every day.
Nick heads back to the North Pole early Christmas morning, he'll leave a rare gift not seen since 1954 and one that won't be seen again until the year 2307 - a partial eclipse.
In Los Angeles, the Christmas Day eclipse will begin at 7:37 a.
These cryptic words, inscribed in Chinese characters on an ancient piece of tortoise shell, record a total solar eclipse in which the sun's corona and its streamers became visible and stars appeared in the sky.
and his collaborators pinpointed the eclipse date: June 5, 1302 B.
The notion that astronomers in Christopher Columbus' day believed the Earth to be flat ``is a modern myth,'' Hodge said, since eclipses and other scientific evidence by then clearly indicated otherwise.
The 900,000-mile-long shadow cast by the planet Earth will temporarily envelop this evening's harvest moon, providing the last total lunar eclipse visible in the Los Angeles area until the year 2000.
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