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If you want to check what the eclipse will look like from where you live, (http://ibtimes.
If you want to drive instead, plan for traffic and congested roads of similarly-minded eclipse chasers.
Still, the Canon was a groundbreaking feat of computation, and it became a vital resource for astronomers studying eclipse cycles and for historians identifying eclipses recorded in historical chronicles.
Jean Meeus, Carl Grosjean, and Willy Vanderleen published the Canon of Solar Eclipses in 1966 using IBM computers.
Eclipse chasing is a fascinating interest because you will visit distant and exotic places that you would probably never otherwise consider, and the journeys can be as remarkable as the eclipses themselves (July issue, page 36).
The lunar eclipse will be visible almost everywhere in the world except North America, said astronomers who are describing this time of the year as an eclipse season.
The June 15 eclipse will be just three minutes shorter to it.
With the day and night difference, people in the world would see the eclipse at different times.
In Los Angeles, the Christmas Day eclipse will begin at 7:37 a.
The eclipse will obscure 15 percent of the sun's diameter and be visible in Southern California and most of North America.
This is a great opportunity to view an eclipse because it's at a very convenient time, especially for children,'' said John Mosley, program director at the Griffith Observatory.
Generally clear skies are anticipated for the eclipse.