restoration ecology

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Restoration ecology

A field in the science of conservation that is concerned with the application of ecological principles to restoring degraded, derelict, or fragmented ecosystems. The primary goal of restoration ecology (also known as ecological restoration) is to return a community or ecosystem to a condition similar in ecological structure, function, or both, to that existing prior to site disturbance or degradation.

A reference framework is needed to guide any restoration attempt—that is, to form the basis of the design (for example, desired species composition and density) and monitoring plan (for example, setting milestones and success criteria for restoration projects). Such a reference system is derived from ecological data collected from a suite of similar ecosystems in similar geomorphic settings within an appropriate biogeographic region. Typically, many sites representing a range of conditions (for example, pristine to highly degraded) are sampled, and statistical analyses of these data reveal what is possible given the initial conditions at the restoration site. See Ecosystem

restoration ecology

[‚res·tə‚rā·shən ē′käl·ə·jē]
The application of ecological principles and field methodologies to the successful restoration of damaged ecosystems.
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Three successful and innovative leaders who endorse sustainable practices, ecological restoration and cultural protection will be speaking at the event:
Alex Fisher, who's also studying ecological restoration at Trent, thinks of his area of study as "the science of hope.
The specific objective of FLERMONECA is to enhance regional cooperation and partnership with Europe in the fields of forest and biodiversity governance, including environmental monitoring, through supporting the sustainable use and management of natural resources in Central Asia, by tackling issues such as climate change, forest governance, ecological restoration and environmental data collection, exchange, monitoring and assessment.
The book also directs attention to the implications for spirituality and ethics in ecological restoration activities.
more than 125 panels, workshops and multimedia presentations will address environmental law and advocacy; topics include forest protection and ecological restoration, grazing and mining reform, labor and human rights, pollution, Native American treaty rights, globalization and "free" trade, environmental justice, corporate responsibility, marine wilderness, international environmental law, water rights and dam removal, oil and gas litigation, genetic engineering and urban growth; organized by volunteers of Land Air Water, a student environmental law society at the UO School of Law, and co-sponsored by Friends of Land Air Water; free.
Van Wieren's prescription is a reinterpretation of ecological restoration through religious terminology.
More than six decades after his death, the Aldo Leopold Foundation continues to advocate for its namesake's vision of ecological restoration, conservation, and ethics.
Under an agreement among Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India, Centre for Environment for Degraded Eco-system (CEMDE), University of Delhi and SAIL, for ecological restoration of degraded ecosystem, 25,600 saplings have also been planted at the Purnapani Limestone and Dolomite Quarry during the year 2012-13.
This agreement is an important step for us, and it is fitting that Liverpool, with the oldest Chinese community in Europe and a pioneer of ecological restoration, should be focus for this event.
This is first and foremost an ecological restoration project, demonstrating that a former coldwater fishery could be re-established in a stream if the water is cold enough and the flow is constant during all seasons.
Tenders are invited for Datasheet for Advance Works under Ecological Restoration ( Natural Regeneration) in Sagar Range, Tadagalale 25.
William Jordan and the Society for Ecological Restoration are pioneering in all these areas, and the practical future of this approach to the environment seems grand.

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