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For several decades, ecosystem ecologists have urged attention to the forest, not just the trees, and to the river, not just the salmon.
Mac also integrated niche theory into the study of ecosystems because understanding niches allows ecologists to comprehend species interactions in nature and within trophic levels.
This arrangement is a very positive step forward and in some ways this pooled resource may achieve more than one city ecologist could.
Once Forbes and Clements posited the existence of a "communal bond" or "community" linking organisms within ecosystems, ecologists saw in this bond a moral good worth preserving.
Savage, a former geography professor turned restoration ecologist, is helping the San Juan Pueblo restore their watershed forests.
She recently chaired a 20-member panel of ecologists to develop an action plan for the Ecological Society of America based on some of the ideas raised above (www.
1 -- 2 -- color) Los Angeles County vector ecologist Jacqueline Spoehel holds a jar containing thousands of dead mosquitoes, while one insect, top, sits under the harsh light of a microscope, ready for testing at the county Vector Control office in Sylmar.
Ecologist Mohan Wali of The Ohio State University in Columbus is less optimistic.
We thought we knew what was going to happen," says Terry Franklin, a forest ecologist at the University of Washington.
So too, say ecologists, are all other "non-native" or "invader" species that set up shop in ecosytems different from the ones in which they originated.
Ecologists have called for action to save the source of 90 per cent of the world's coffee bushes.
Our research team, including myself and three other marine ecologists, had arrived a few clays after the Exxon Valdez supertanker ran aground on Bligh Reef, from where it spilled 11 million gallons of north slope crude oil, transforming a little-known, but spectacular, region of Alaskan coastal wilderness into a global symbol of ecological catastrophe.