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It is because her crimes, like the travels of Robinson Crusoe, are rooted in the dynamics of economic individualism that Moll Flanders is essentially different from the protagonists of the picaresque novel.
Economic individualism justified the self-confidence with which civilisation was equated with progress, for it offered the magic key that explained why Europe had developed and grown wealthier, in contrast to the static quality of such state-dominated empires as China or India.
The second type, The Three Musketeers story, is associated with France rather than England, and with state nationalism rather than Defoe's economic individualism. Green relates this form to a keen sense of power, prestige, and hierarchy, and the rise of historical novels in general.
Hackett's and Burke's studies of town founding on the frontier hark back to the classic New England community studies of the early 1970s; each is concerned to determine how far the Dutch settlements replicated or fell short of the standard of communalism based on rejection of economic individualism found in those works.
Oddly enough, economic individualism gets off relatively lightly.
but sacrificed the economic individualism that was at the heart of their [capitalist] membership" (172).
Among the more descriptive efforts are the examination of Puerto Rican support for such values as economic individualism and political tolerance by Rodolfo de la Garza.
Their eventual social and political integration came with the larger society's adoption of their ideology of economic individualism. Political and religious rivalry were transmuted into economic and social cooperation.
Beyond this, the alliance endorses the so-called American way: free enterprise, economic individualism, government deregulation, and so on.