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Court was willing to overlook economic protectionism and still find a
The paper does this by briefly reviewing attitudes towards economic protectionism, and then considering three more traditional areas of the welfare state: tax and redistribution, health and education, and targeted social assistance.
Southeast Asian leaders have vowed to avoid economic protectionism and called for increased co-operation and reforms to deal with the global financial crisis.
He is hoping for a global deal at the G20 summit in London in April to free up greater credit for businesses, and to avoid moves towards economic protectionism.
Neoliberal reforms are often assumed to have significantly affected public opinion towards the social rights of citizenship, as reflected in attitudes towards economic protectionism and the welfare state.
Of course, this is utter nonsense, driven by economic protectionism and fueled by nationalism and a tsunami of anti-government sentiment.
Tory leader David Cameron has issued a warning that the world is in danger of slipping back into economic protectionism.
Among the greatest worries for respondents are the difficulty in obtaining administrative licenses and business approvals, the future development of intellectual property rights enforcement and a growing trend towards economic protectionism in China and the US.
Couching the economic evolution of the country within Kondratieff cycles, McGillivray revisits Innis's staples theory, the subsequent era of economic protectionism and finally Canada's full economic integration into NAFTA.
Jones is especially acute in analyzing how economic protectionism and government support actually corrupt the arts.
He also sees it as symptomatic of a disturbing wave of economic protectionism sweeping though France, the same wave that soured the debate on the 'Bolkestein' Directive.
In southern Swabia there were farmers of substance who generally engaged in dairy farming, but there was little agriculture based on wheat and grain in the region, which made a policy of economic protectionism less attractive.