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a weekly British journal of politics and economics. The Economist has been published in London since 1843. As a rule it supports the Conservative Party. It is intended mainly for businessmen. Circulation, more than 100,000 (1977).

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A spokesman for the chain said: "Our interior designers have drawn their inspiration from Australia's metropolitan playground, Melbourne, recently voted the most liveable city in the world (by The Economist magazine, with Vienna and Vancouver in second and third place).
The New York Times reported the deal doesn't include either the building where the FT is housed in London, nor Pearson's 50-percent stake in The Economist magazine.
London, June 3 (ONA) The British Economist Magazine said that the Sultanate's neutral stances and non-interference in others' affairs under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said enhanced the Sultanate's regional and international position.
Terming a short-lived government proposal to segregate Israeli and Palestinian bus travellers to the West Bank "a sign of the new government's thinking," the article in The Economist magazine claimed the new national government "could soon make Israel's relations with the wider world pricklier than ever.
Riyadh ranked 46th in the list of the world's 50 safest cities for 2015, with Tokyo topping the list and Jakarta trailing at the end, according to the annual report drafted by The Economist magazine.
Iris biometrics could also enhance the safety of mobile payments said Nilekani, who was last year awarded the Economist magazine s 2014 Social and Economic Innovation Award for his leadership of the vast national identity scheme.
Twice in 2014 the Economist magazine stated that Arctic sea ice is retreating as the Earth warms up due to increasing C02.
It was sponsored by European Voice, a weekly English language newspaper about the EU that is owned by The Economist magazine.
But Daniel Howden from the Economist magazine said on Twitter that oil workers evacuated at Juba airport told him that "our [oil companies] HQ instructed us to close the wells (Unity State), the oil fields are shut down.
Bulgaria's ruling Socialist-led coalition is unlikely to see out its four-year term, and 2014 may prove to be the second election year in succession, The Economist magazine forecast in its special edition aThe World in 2014a.
SO it's now official, re the remarks I made in the letters column about The Economist magazine saying that a town like Middlesbrough should just be left to decay as there was no good in throwing good money after bad.
Addressing a conference on Europe's energy issues organized by the Economist magazine, Yildiz pointed to Iran as one of the most important countries having rich oil and gas resources in the world, and said, "Turkey will continue its projects in energy sector.