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ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy)


Among the many topics explored by sleep scientists is the effect of extreme abuse to the central nervous systems caused by drug overdose, electroshock therapy, and other traumas. Researchers have found that such inquiries significantly increase rapid eye movement (REM) sleep (the period of sleep associated with the most vivid dreams) for prolonged periods of time.

It has been theorized that increased REM time is correlated with physiological healing processes, specifically with intensified neuronal protein synthesis. A more psychological explanation might be that survivors of such shocks need more dream time in which to sort out their trauma.

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Major carriers and providers worldwide offer profitable telecoms services based on ECT technology, such as 21IN, BT OnePhone, COLT, Deutsche Telekom, DNA, Liberty Global, Proximus, Rogers Canada, Teliasonera, Tele2, Virgin Media and Ziggo.
Shteinlukht, who has been an ECT practitioner for 20 years.
Dr Richard Barnes, Consultant Psychiatrist, ECT Service, Mersey Care NHS Trust
ECT was started by the treating clinician between days 8 and 10 after admission and administered as per the usual Stikland Hospital protocol on alternate days for three sessions per week for six sessions in total.
ECT also agrees to underwrite any further operating losses incurred by the railway.
In a prospective randomized, controlled study of 90 inpatients, mostly in their 60s and all with major depressive disorder who were given either medication, medication plus maintenance ECT, or medication and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) after their initial acute intervention with right unilateral ultrabrief ECT, Dr.
Health and Human Resilience which further describes the ECT process along with having other references and media links.
When to use ECT"When you're using ECT for [agitated] psychosis [which includes some types of schizophrenia] or severe catatonia where you really need to intervene fast because the patient is debilitated, it's quite the norm to move for bilateral," he noted.
Testing patients soon after ECT instead of waiting a day didn't reveal a memory deficit.
ECT, owned by Khalid Sarwar, was established by former Pakistan Test star Tauseef Ahmed.
Furthermore, although seizure duration is regarded as an important indicator of the efficacy of ECT (11-13), it is recognised that seizure quality must also be considered (14,15).