Edwin Meese

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Meese, Edwin, III

(1931–  ) lawyer, cabinet member; born in Oakland, Calif. A conservative deputy district attorney (1958–67) and California legal affairs secretary (1967–74), he prosecuted antiwar students for Governor Ronald Reagan. Director of the San Diego Center for Criminal Justice (1977–80), he became Reagan's presidential counsel (1981–85). As attorney general (1985–88), he was accused of impeding the Iran-Contra investigation by allowing conspirators to destroy evidence. He returned to California and took up the private practice of law.
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Also notable: conservative legal icon Ed Meese, who famously served as attorney general under President Ronald Reagan.
The most exciting thing about the Mount Vernon Statement, a concatenation of secondhand platitudes served up by the likes of Kathryn Jean Lopez and Ed Meese, was the overreaction it elicited from the FrumForum, which blared the headline, "Conservative Old Guard to Moderates: Drop Dead.
The president is a spiritually minded person," Slosser quotes White House resident ethicist Ed Meese as telling him, "but he has been scrupulously careful not to flaunt that or to use it in a way that would allow it to appear that he's using it for self-serving or political reasons" Anyone who believes that probably also believes in the Easter Bunny.
Mr Ed Meese, Mr Reagan's chief of staff, said yesterday that Mr Reagan would move quickly to fulfil his pledge to cut federal bureaucracy by introducing a new management plan and establishing an organisation to weed out government waste.
The essays show that the issues Ed Meese raised more than twenty years ago are still hotly contested.
Ed Meese, then-White House chief of staff, chaired the meeting.
Reagan felt she could work comfortably with Mike Deaver and James Baker, but Ed Meese presented more of a challenge.
Can you imagine in another time and another setting Ed Meese or Michael Deaver telling Ronald Reagan that he shouldn't be seen in political campaign ads because he would be a detriment to the cause?
attorney general Ed Meese, failed Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork and Alan Sears, head of the Alliance Defense Fund, a leading Religious Right legal outfit.
With: Caspar Weinberger, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Ed Meese, William Clarke, Oleg Kalugin, Stanislav Lunev, Roald Sagdeev, Roger Robinson, David Major, Peter Schweizer.
Cohen strings his guests along much further than The Daily Show usually does, and he has managed to arrange interviews with an impressive list of public figures, including former Attorney General Ed Meese (who performs a rap), former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft (who says we'd never nuke Canada because "we don't want what they have"), former CIA Director James Woolsey (who tries to clear up Ali G's confusion between John F.
TWENTY YEARS ago this month, James Baker, Ronald Reagan's chief of staff, and Mike Deaver, Reagan's close advisor, defeated Attorney General Ed Meese in a battle of White House insiders.