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Rickenbacker, (Edward Vernon) Eddie

(1890–1973) aviator; born in Columbus, Ohio. A skilled race-car driver, he became General Pershing's chauffeur during World War I but applied for aviation service. He shot down 26 enemy aircraft in seven months, receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor and the nickname, "Ace of Aces." In 1921 he founded the Rickenbacker Motor Company; it failed in 1927 and he went to work for General Motors (GM). The company employed him to rescue one of their divisions, Eastern Airlines. During his initial management year (1934), the airline turned the first profit in the history of aviation. GM divested the company in 1938; Rickenbacker bought the controlling interest and became president, general manager, and director. In 1942, while on an inspection of military bases in the Pacific, his plane crashed; he spent 22 days adrift on a raft before being rescued. After retiring in 1963, he continued to be a public figure as an advocate of conservative causes.
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Following a life full of accomplishments, Eddie Rickenbacker embarked on one final mission in 1973 to Switzerland to investigate medical treatment for his wife, Adelaide.
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Although Georges Guynemer, Roland Garros, and Rene Fonck are regaled alongside Manfred von Richthofen, Eddie Rickenbacker, Oswald Bolcke, Albert Ball, and Billy Bishop, those who flew less glamorous but equally dangerous missions in those heady days of aviation's infancy have earned their place in the Great War pantheon of heroes.
Army Air business, as early as that was, and as a mentor to a couple of other guys one of which you'll remember is a fellow named Eddie Rickenbacker who was a first lieutenant in the 94th Squadron, flies on the wing of Major Lufbery several times, and learns the ropes.
Any American official would have a far more convincing argument if he or she tried to piece together the achievements of American volunteer airmen in WWI instead of blabbering about Eddie Rickenbacker, a skilled and brave pilot.
Eddie Rickenbacker, Mother Theresa, Joe Foss or Audie Murphy.
Eddie Rickenbacker, who led the American forces with twenty-six confirmed victories.
1); no one could ever term Eddie Rickenbacker "baby-faced" (p.
It tied the 26 German aircraft shot down by Captain Eddie Rickenbacker during World War I.
Powered by twin Liberty engines, the plane took to the sky in 1921 and counted none other than World War I flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker among supporters who felt that the Falcon would revolutionize air travel.
Others such as Germans Verner Voss, Kurt Wolff, Lothar von Richthofen, and Hermann Goering; Frenchmen Rene Fonck, Georges Guynemer, and Charles Nungesser; and Americans Raoul Lufbery and Eddie Rickenbacker enter the story as well.