Edgar Wallace

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(Richard Horatio) Edgar Wallace
BirthplaceGreenwich, London
Crime writer, journalist, novelist, screenwriter, and playwright
Known for Writer of King Kong

Wallace, Edgar

Wallace, Edgar (Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace), 1875–1932, English novelist and playwright, b. Greenwich. He was the author of more than 150 detective and adventure novels, of which as many as 5 million were sold in a year. The Terror (1930), which is typical of his work, still ranks high as a thriller. He wrote several plays and the scenarios for such films as King Kong (1933).
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Mr Clark explained: "What makes his achievements even more remark- remarkHow the creator of King Kong was a man of the Post Ben Hurst Head of News ben.hurst@trinitymirror.com Writer Edgar Wallace was The Birmingham Daily Post's military correspondent > able is his very unpromising beginnings.
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1875 - Edgar Wallace, thriller writer and journalist, was born in London.
His mock-Cockney delivery of the comic verse Dreaming of Thee, based on an Edgar Wallace poem, made him a household name.
Even sparser is the evidence to suggest that Joyce overhauled his prose style in response to the essays of Edgar Wallace. Joyce does write to Stanislaus in 1905 that he has read some funny writing in the Daily Mail by Wallace, who would go on to write more than one hundred and fifty popular thriller novels, but this does not mean that Wallace became Joyce's model for anything.
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Wallace, Edgarin full Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace (b.
Newly adapted for the stage by Antony Lampard, this page-turning classic by "king of the detective thriller" Edgar Wallace sets its scene amidst the grandeur of Mark's Priory, the ancestral home of the wealthy Lebanon family.
The REVIEW Four Just Men by Edgar Wallace tells the tale of four vigilantes who punish wrongdoers who are beyond the reach of the law.