Edgar Wallace

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(Richard Horatio) Edgar Wallace
BirthplaceGreenwich, London
Crime writer, journalist, novelist, screenwriter, and playwright
Known for Writer of King Kong

Wallace, Edgar

(Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace), 1875–1932, English novelist and playwright, b. Greenwich. He was the author of more than 150 detective and adventure novels, of which as many as 5 million were sold in a year. The Terror (1930), which is typical of his work, still ranks high as a thriller. He wrote several plays and the scenarios for such films as King Kong (1933).
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Mr Clark, who became friends with the author's daughter, Penny, and runs the Edgar Wallace society, said he first thought about writing a biography 20 years ago.
8220;Edgar Wallace Collection Volume 1” - Visit the wild, wild world of writer Edgar Wallace and step into the equally wild world of German horror thrillers with this suspenseful double feature featuring three hours of hooded madmen, evil maniacs and wilting showgirls.
Edgar Wallace was a great crime novelist, but this play does not put him in the same league as Agatha Christie.
Wallace, Edgarin full Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace (b.
If the literary establishment ever decides to invent a prize for a 20th-century author with the greatest output of work, a portly English gentleman by the name of Edgar Wallace would be a serious contender.
The installation is called the Newness Archive and was inspired by the fact that King Kong was written by author Edgar Wallace, a former military corespondent for The Birmingham Post during the First World War.
And before you say "yeah-yeah but Conan Doyle was a real author", among Blake's biographers were such stars as Edgar Wallace, Peter Cheyney, John Creasey, Leslie Charteris, creator of The Saint, and the distinguished Dorothy L Sayers.
Bill Davidson, Aberdeen A The 1959-60 series was based on a 1906 Edgar Wallace novel and the 1939 film of the same name, which cast the characters in a more sinister light.
Nat Gould is one of the three most famous and popular authors of racing fiction, along with Edgar Wallace and Dick Francis, but his books are full of Victorian sentimentality and have dated badly.
In the 1950s, she acted in a series of German westerns starring Pierre Brice and Stewart Granger; and later appeared frequently in an Edgar Wallace series of thrillers.
De entre ellos, Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) es uno de los favoritos del publico lector aleman, a quien se considera uno de los principales autores de thrillers de este siglo.