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The image thus indicates that if what is ordained in the edict is transgressed, the land will be assaulted by these goddesses of pestilence and misfortune, depicted in the form of their vehicle, the ass.
One of his rock edicts highlighted the theme of religious tolerance in these words: "The faiths of others all deserve to be honored for one reason or another.
Under article 1 of the fifth edict Transport Ministry director of human and financial resources Aref Hassan Al Mansouri will be the director of human resources in the same ministry.
Edict Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is a Chennai, India-based developer and manufacturer of solid oral dosage generic pharmaceuticals with a highly-skilled research and development team and strong product pipeline focused on niche first-to-file, first-to-market products.
Some historians have argued that the edict has to be understood within its historical context.
Currently, Edict Pharmaceuticals is developing generic formulations for filing ANDAs in the USA markets.
Antara News Agency quoted the council's Edict Commission chairman Amin Suma in West Sumatera Monday as saying that MUI decided in the meeting that smoking for Muslims was between haram (forbidden) and makruh (objectionable).
The basis for EDICT was to identify tools designed for recruitment, retention, and return as well as provide resources.
Rabbis in Israel issued an edict Wednesday barring men and women from attending mixed theaters even though most facilities have segregated entrances and seating.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-22 August 2006-Reiss Group selects Torex Retail's Edict e-mail solution(C)1994-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The star's solicitor-advocate Nigel Tait told Mr Justice Eady inthe High Court: "In fact, not only was no such edict issued at all, Sir Elton greets each guest as they arrive.
The use of this term by al-Qaida and the like to psychologically conscript ill-guided followers has also led Americans to view a ``fatwa'' as a binding Islamic edict - much like the Vatican issues binding edicts to its followers.