aedicula, 1
1. A canopied niche flanked by colonnettes intended as a shelter for a statue or as a shrine.
2. A door or window framed by columns or pilasters and crowned with a pediment.
3. Diminutive of aedes.
4. A small chapel.
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During the annual ceremony, top clerics enter the Edicule, the small chamber marking the site of Jesus' tomb.
Chaque edicule sera compose d un noyau en beton sur lequel reposera une charpente metallique, en porte-a-faux sur 3 cotes, qui formera la toiture.
La fabrication et le montage des differentes toitures seront realises par etape, et chaque edicule doit etre considere separement.
They are defined as follows:: Pso 1: Sealing library: Pso 2: Edicule in terrassepso 3: Rehabilitation of the slab: Pso 4: Rehabilitation of lobby level slab: Pso 5: Replacement of railings: Pso 6: Gate park entrance: Pso 7: False ceiling wood square: Pso 8: Intervention car: Pso 9: Sol loggias: Pso 10: Replacing exchanger and softener: Pso 11: Replacing falls Eu / Ep / Ev: Pso 12: Outdoor Lighting: Pso 13: Fire alarm: Pso 14: Implementation of DF.
His descriptions of common and migratory birds are constructed both as illustrations (in the style anticipating Audubon and Roger Tory Peterson) and as emblem-enigmas that mix Greek citations, Latin nomenclature, and detailed woodcuts of volatiles perched on plinths or classical edicules.
En addition, the contractor is required to provide prices for spare parts related to these edicules.