Edith Cavell

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Cavell, Edith

(kăv`əl), 1865–1915, English nurse. When World War I broke out, she was head of the nursing staff of the Berkendael Medical Institute in Brussels. In 1915 she was arrested by the German occupation authorities and pleaded guilty to a charge of harboring and aiding Allied prisoners and assisting some 130 to cross the Dutch frontier. She was shot on Oct. 11, 1915, despite the efforts of Brand Whitlock, U.S. minister to Belgium, to secure a reprieve.


See biography by A. E. Clark-Kennedy (1965).

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Anyone wishing to also sign up for the Mount Edith Cavell climb, or other fundraising events, can call Freephone 0808 1234 999, email vickyl@cavellnursestrust.org or visit
"Edith Cavell was a nurse who treated soldiers from both sides, helping scores of serviceman escape back to allied territory and ultimately paid the price for her heroism," she said.
Suzanne, from West Bromwich, said: "Edith Cavell was a true heroine of the First World War and her compassion, beliefs and true determination inspired many others around her.
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Atrocity Edith Cavell was a British nurse who helped soldiers on both sides.
Cavell That Edith Cavell was courageous was never in doubt, which is why she deserves to be remembered.
Separated by exactly 100 years, a war correspondent awaits execution in the Middle East on the anniversary of World War I nurse Edith Cavell being shot as a spy by the Germans.
AWELSH mum related to legendary World War I nurse Edith Cavell has named her daughter in honour of her famous ancestor.
is next postcard, also purchased on the day, is of the grave of Miss Edith Cavell in Brussels, who was executed for spying during the war, which caused outrage for a long time as she worked as a nurse.
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