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the reworking by an editor of an author’s work for publication or for broadcasting on radio or television. Editing may be political, scholarly, or literary. In practice, however, the editing of new works is a single creative process that aims to perfect the content and form of the work while preserving the author’s individuality. Editing of literary or scholarly works in the preparation of authoritative texts consists of compilation, establishment of a definitive text, and the preparation of reference material.


Sikorskii, N. M. Teoriia i praktika redaktirovaniia. Moscow, 1971.


Making modifications. See edit.
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All three groups of respondents strongly favored students selecting and editing articles for law reviews, though their support was stronger for student editing than for student selection of articles.
Although all four groups of respondents favored law review members receiving more training in selecting and editing articles, there was a significant difference in the groups' ratings of this reform.
Thompson has more than 26 years of experience writing and editing articles about home building, architecture and retailing.
tv, its National site Clic, any other of Clic's local sites or similar relevant experience, and have some experience of editing articles, and/ or the writing of, articles.
However these communities used "just a quick check" by way of editing articles rather than a comprehensive process comparable to what was used for Version 0.
Our reporters are now equipped with the powerful productivity tool for editing articles.
Submissions should also adhere to copyright laws and follow the general site conventions for naming and editing articles.
As Associate Editor, John Patrick Pullen will be responsible for editorial efforts including writing and editing articles for publications such as Continental and The DMA Insider.