see EadmerEadmer
or Edmer
, d. 1124?, English monk and historian. He was in the monastery of Christ Church, Canterbury, when Anselm became archbishop of Canterbury, and his biography of St. Anselm is the basic one.
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Castillo - Bonnie Johnson and Edmer Castillo-Hernandez, of Eugene, a son.
There is a wide variety of components and equipment designed to help the EDMer find a "comfort level" best suited to their setup requirements, he says.
In fact, software and CNC controls have pretty much captured the "experience" of these veteran EDMers and created libraries of machining data recommending speeds and conditions to achieve the same consistent results time after time.
In a similar mode, a constantly changing work flow pattern can be maintained on 1 or 101 EDMs, owing to the equipment add-ons that are the rule rather than the exception for the cost- and time-conscious EDMer.
This isn't dance music for you, it's for those late-to-the-party EDMers in America.