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or Edmer
, d. 1124?, English monk and historian. He was in the monastery of Christ Church, Canterbury, when Anselm became archbishop of Canterbury, and his biography of St. Anselm is the basic one.
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39 Wall Street, is located on the edmer of Wall and Commerce Streets.
PMV Middle East asks Edmer Gonzales, business line manager for the Middle East at Chicago Pneumatic, about the market penetration of LED light towers in the Gulf and how the case for lower total cost of ownership is faring with the customer.
Others are lucky as their companies provide them with cooling vests, like in the case of Edmer Mellijor and his colleagues.
Also, of the ministers of Culture, Salvador del Solar; Transport and Communications, Bruno GIuffra; Housing, Construction and Sanitation, Edmer Trujillo; Production, Pedro Olaechea; Foreign Trade and Tourism, Eduardo Ferreyros; And Development and Social Inclusion, Cayetana Aljovn.
Edmer Calero del Mar observa la impronta del dios Tlaloc en el ciclo del maiz con el fin de analizar el significado de la devastacion de las cosechas en la novela Nayar (1941), del mexicano Miguel Angel Menendez; la explicacion de su devastacion se lleva al terreno de lo mitico para que se imponga las nociones de castigo y de sacrificio.
Edmer Calero Del Mar analiza la novela Nayar, de Miguel Angel Menendez, en la que encuentra referencias a los mitos del area El gran Nayar.
Castillo - Bonnie Johnson and Edmer Castillo-Hernandez, of Eugene, a son.
There is a wide variety of components and equipment designed to help the EDMer find a "comfort level" best suited to their setup requirements, he says.
Rivera reportedly hurled a grenade at the policemen prompting them to shoot and kill him, said SP01 Edmer Portillo, an investigator of Gapan City police station.
In a similar mode, a constantly changing work flow pattern can be maintained on 1 or 101 EDMs, owing to the equipment add-ons that are the rule rather than the exception for the cost- and time-conscious EDMer.
In photos posted by Edmer Bade on his Facebook account, a man can be seen on his back atop the train's steel handrail while the other passengers looked on.
The residents found out about the killings after Edmund's older brother Edmer ran to them to say that he saw armed men open fire on the group.