Malone, Edmond

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Malone, Edmond,

1741–1812, English literary critic and Shakespearean scholar, b. Ireland. His studies (1778) in the chronology of Shakespeare's plays are still considered highly valuable. He was among the first to see through the supposed antiquity of the poems of Thomas ChattertonChatterton, Thomas,
1752–70, English poet. The posthumous son of a poor Bristol schoolmaster, he was already composing the "Rowley Poems" at the age of 12, claiming they were copies of 15th-century manuscripts at the Church of St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol.
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, and in 1796 he exposed the Shakespearean forgeries of William Ireland. His monumental edition of Shakespeare was left unfinished at his death and was completed (21 vol., 1821) by Boswell's son James. The Malone Society, founded in 1907 for the purpose of furthering the study of early English drama by printing dramatic texts and documents, was named after him.
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The major battle was localized in the confrontation between Edmond Malone and the believers, but the repercussions pervaded the generality of 1790's print culture.
Bawcutt has made a careful study of all eighteenth- and nineteenth-century manuscript traces of the office book left by scholars and antiquaries, the best known of whom include Edmond Malone, George Chalmers, and J.