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city (1990 pop. 30,744), Snohomish co., NW Wash., a residential suburb of Seattle, on Puget Sound; inc. 1890. There is boatbuilding and the manufacture of lighting equipment, machinery, and laboratory apparatus.
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The letter had made Edmond heart sick and home sick.
Why, you see, Edmond," replied the owner, who appeared more comforted at every moment, "we are all mortal, and the old must make way for the young.
He was a man of twenty-five or twenty-six years of age, of unprepossessing countenance, obsequious to his superiors, insolent to his subordinates; and this, in addition to his position as responsible agent on board, which is always obnoxious to the sailors, made him as much disliked by the crew as Edmond Dantes was beloved by them.
But," replied the owner, glancing after Dantes, who was watching the anchoring of his vessel, "it seems to me that a sailor needs not be so old as you say, Danglars, to understand his business, for our friend Edmond seems to understand it thoroughly, and not to require instruction from any one.
Yes," said Danglars, darting at Edmond a look gleaming with hate.
Well, I believe, my dear Edmond, though I have not seen him lately.
Well, well, my dear Edmond," continued the owner, "don't let me detain you.
On turning round the owner saw Danglars behind him, apparently awaiting orders, but in reality also watching the young sailor, -- but there was a great difference in the expression of the two men who thus followed the movements of Edmond Dantes.
Notes: A pre-submittal meeting will be held at 9:00 AM on November 13, 2015, in the Brackett Room of CityHall, 121 Fifth Avenue North, in Edmonds.
We're thrilled about our newest line with Jack," said Allen Edmonds CEO Paul Grangaard.
Edmonds conspired with several co-defendants to intimidate shooting victim Louis Rosario by disseminating Mr.
Mr Edmonds began working at Courtaulds in Little Heath at the age of 14 in 1927.